Brutal methods: Greek guards throw migrants into the sea, according to investigations | international

Brutal methods: Greek guards throw migrants into the sea, according to investigations |  international

In the report on the inhuman treatment of migrants by the Greek authorities, the testimonies of two coast guards who speak anonymously and who confirm the practice of the Greek authorities to return small groups of refugees, throwing them directly into the sea until they reach Turkey whether they know how to swim or not, were collected.

The Greek Coast Guard turns to increasingly brutal methods to return refugees and migrants attempting to enter Europe illegally by sea. this is, To the point of throwing it directly into the water.

It’s a practice It has already cost two lives, As revealed by an investigation conducted by various European media.

This is a joint effort made over several months by journalists fromguardian“,”Al Manara Reports“,”informative part“Yes”Spiegel“.

The Greek newspaper picked up the report today “Ephemerida ton Syntakton” And add a twist to the information published so far about the hot returns.

Greek Prime Minister, Kyriakos Mitsotakis, He denied many times returning migrants without giving them the option to apply for asylum.

This, because it would be an illegal practice that usually consists of leaving refugees in floating boats At the mercy of rescue.

However, according to the Coast Guard interviewees, Sometimes they are thrown directly into the sea. This is to avoid the use of expensive life rafts, because any bid for new supplies These returns can be exposed.

According to the media, two of the refugees, sir keta from Ivory Coast, and Didier Martial Kwamo Nana From Cameroon, Matt. The above, when they were thrown into the middle of the sea by the Greek Coast Guard on September 16, After they were arrested in Samos.

The third refugee who was with them is the one who tells the story. Ibrahim is a former member of the Cameroon Coast Guard. He was able to swim back to the Turkish coast of Aydin and recount the atrocities to which he was subjected.

Testimonies from Greek guards about migrants at sea

the organization Human Rights Bill Boat arrival was alerted and local authorities notified via email, but no response.

According to a number of refugees, after their arrival, They heard gunshots And they broke up. Eight of them hid in the woods, the other 28, Including a baby, many children and a pregnant woman, They have been arrested.

That same afternoon, the 28 were put on a Coast Guard boat that took them out to sea, where They were made on two lifeboats without engines.

At least three of them They were beaten up by the coast guard in search of money, Then they are thrown into lifeboats Like trash bags. Several hours later, they were tracked down by the Turkish Coast Guard.

Of the eight who fled the authorities on Samos, Half of them arrived at a refugee camp on the island. This, while the rest, My master, Didier, Abraham and a woman, They were caught and thrown directly into the sea. Only Abraham and the woman survived her.

My master’s body was washed ashore shortly afterwards And after two days, Didier’s body was also washed ashore.

lawyer Demetris Hollis The Human Rights Legal Project has sued for criminal acts, represented by a group of 36 refugees.

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