Follow propaganda in government business

Sigue la propaganda en los actos del Gobierno

On several occasions, the complaint has been made that the various actions of the government headed by President Luis Abenader usually tend to become “political groupings”, due to the existence of these “support groups” for the president’s administration.

Su disertación en la Universidad Autónoma de Santo Domingo (UASD) no fue la excepción, ya que mientras tomaba la palabra para decir los proyectos que están en carpeta para universidad, varias de las personas que se encontraban a magnum voca frases en el how “My Father”, “Best President” and “Four More Years”.

Outside the hall there were groups with Support posters that read “Thank you President for your support of health.”“Thank you President for your support of the university,” “Thank you President for your support of students.” While at the front entrance to the campus there was a sign “welcoming” to the head of state.

Last weekend, LISTÍN DIARIO reported that during the activities of the Abinader in Santo Domingo Este, the same re-election slogans were repeatedly heard, as well as groups “showing support” to the administration.

Although the president has not formally mentioned the issue yet, many leaders assume that the president could make a place for himself for a second consecutive term, after the modern revolutionary party, during a conference last month, scrapped from its statute the article. “No consecutive re-election.”

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