Omicron mutation: will infect countries with low vaccination coverage, WHO warns

The Omicron variant strain of coronavirus is likely to spread worldwide, depending on the characteristics of the variant “There may be an outbreak of COVID-19 in the future, which could have serious consequences.” Today, in some areas, he warned World Health Organization (where). The UN agency, in its technical advice to its 194 members, called for accelerating the vaccination of vulnerable groups against COVID-19 and “setting up mitigation plans” in order to keep its essential health services functioning.

“Omicron has an unprecedented number mutations high in protein, some of which are worrisome for its potential impact on the course of the epidemic.”The World Health Organization has warned.

“Overall, the global risk from the new Omicron anxiety is estimated to be very high.”, confirmed.

No deaths associated with Omicron have been reported at this time, although further investigations are needed to assess its ability to evade the protection it provides. Vaccines and previous infections, the World Health Organization indicated.

“An increase in cases, regardless of its severity, may put more pressure on health systems and may lead to increased morbidity and mortality. The impact on vulnerable populations will be significant, particularly in countries with low vaccination coverage.”, stressed the organization.

The new variant of the coronavirus was first reported to the World Health Organization on November 24 by the South African authorities, as the number of coronavirus cases rose sharply. Since then it has spread all over the world, with cases discovered in it Australia, The Belgium, The Botswana, τη Britain, τη Denmark, τη Germany, The Hong Kong, The Israel, The Italy, The Holland, τη South Africa, The Portugal and the Canada.

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Similar to Israel, the Japan Today, it announced that it is banning entry to its territory for all foreigners, while other countries announced the suspension of travel to and from South African countries.

The World Health Organization, in its latest guidance, emphasized that countries should use a “risk-based” approach to adapt their measures for international travel in a timely manner.

“The presence of several mutations in the spike protein (…) means that omicron is very likely to escape humoral immunity (antibodies). However, it is difficult to predict whether it escapes cellular immunity.”The World Health Organization indicated that there will be more data in the coming weeks.

“cases COVID-19 Expected infections in vaccinationAnd albeit at a lower rate than expected., is over.

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