New features that interest you in Truecaller.. Get to know them

Truecaller is famous for its anonymous caller identification feature, which is not in the contact list on your Android phone, but it seems that it has got a great new feature.

The application organizers have implemented a set of improvements and new features in the new version of Truecaller and those improvements are for your contacts, which will be rolled out first in India for Android users, while it will be rolled out in other countries successively.

Notable improvements

The user can note that the developed application contains two new sections that enable the customer to easily differentiate between calls and messages on the phone, and these are the first features of the application after its development. Another impressive feature is the ability to activate Video Caller ID and this feature allows you to set a short video clip as a selfie to appear automatically when they call you.

The user can create this section from ready-made templates, and some consider that this feature is one of the best new improvements. As for the most important feature that millions of users have been waiting for, the Truecaller application, which is the ability to record calls without fees, and if this feature is compatible with the laws of the country in which you live, it will be available immediately.

You should note that this feature will not appear automatically or by default with all calls, but you must activate this feature manually and grant the application a set of permissions in order to take advantage of the free feature.

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After successfully recording some calls that you want to record, how do you listen to the recordings saved in your phone?

You have to go directly to the call history and click on the “Play” icon in the recorded call file. There are other features, special improvements, and a series of new additions that only customers with premium accounts can benefit from, most notably: “Call Announcement and Make Hidden Calls”.

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