Omicron, 3rd dose and 2g: the latest news on coronavirus

Guterres calls for ‘bold vaccination plan’
“We must work to put in place a courageous vaccination plan that will allow us to reach everyone, anywhere in the world,” said UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, referring to the coronavirus pandemic. “The world welcomes 2022 at a time when our hopes are being severely tested by deepening poverty, growing inequality in the distribution of Covid vaccines, inadequate climate commitments, persistent conflicts, divisions, and counterintuitive misinformation.” Number one in the United Nations in his end of the year message. “We are faced not only with important political decisions, but with moral and vital tests,” he added. “Challenges that humanity can overcome, if we commit to making 2022 the year of recovery for all.” In addition to his “courageous vaccination plan”, Guterres stressed that “it is necessary to revive the economy with rich countries supporting developing countries with financing, investments and debt relief.” According to Guterres, “times of great trials are also times of great opportunity,” “to come together in solidarity around solutions that can benefit all.” The Secretary-General therefore expressed the hope that recovering from the crisis due to the pandemic “turns the page on mistrust and division” and “returns its full place to science, facts and reason” and concern for our planet “with commitments to climate measures commensurate with the scale and urgency of the crisis.” In closing, Guterres said: “Together, let’s make sure our decisions for 2022 are in the interests of people, planet and prosperity.” (ats . source)

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