The Darkest Light: Netflix Spanish Horror Series Trailer

Netflix released the trailer for Veria – Darkest Light, a horror series produced in Spain and will hit the stage on January 28. The series was created by Agustin Martinez (the hunt) e Carlos Montero, creator of the famous series elite. In the center, the story of two sisters whose lives are turned upside down by a hallucinatory crime, apparently committed by their parents. Here is the trailer…

The official summary of Exhibition

Written by Carlos Monteiro and Agustin Martinez and directed by Jorge Dorado and Carles Torrence, this series is an 8-episode 50-minute fantasy thriller from the frightening start.

What happens when two teenage sisters discover that their parents are a murderous couple?

Eva and Sophia have to deal with the horrific crime apparently committed by their parents before they go missing, leaving behind 23 victims. This series tells the journey the two sisters took in the mid-90s in Feria, a whitewashed village in the Andalusian mountains where its inhabitants are not as naive as they seem and where reality hides a wonderful universe.


The series is starring Anna Tomino, Carla Cambra, Marta Nieto، Angela Cremonti, Isaac Ferris, Patricia Lopez so Ernst Villegas.

The authors explain:

She is seventeen years old and lives in Andalusia in the nineties and one day you discover with your sister that your parents are accused of killing more than twenty people. Then they disappeared and left you alone in the face of the whole city thirsting for justice and revenge. This is the beginning of the story, which also includes a cult, grunge music, fantastic creatures, the Andalusian sun and a labyrinth mine. Exhibition It offers all of this and much more: it’s an ambitious project that needs a platform like Netflix to be able to emerge. Netflix immediately embraced the idea with enthusiasm.

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