Light The Night Part 2: uscita e streaming

Lighting up the night part 2 when it comes out? From December 30, 2021

welcome su Netflix alla part two of episodes Night lightThe series halfway between crime and Taiwanese mystery is available from last November 26 with the first episode of the first season.

written by Ryan Too and take out Lian Yi Chi, the second part of Night light He comes back to tell the mysterious events to the girls of A Nightclub In the red light district in Taipei. But what happens in the famous Japanese setting during the new episodes of season one?

Conspiracy Light Night 2, Previews

Light The Night: dal November 26, 2021 su Netflix. Credits: Netflix

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Let’s flash back to Taipei in the 80’s. here a judge (Cheryl Yang) and a little girl A rose (Ruby Lane) meets for the first time, ushering in a great friendship. But when Rose decides to share the tragic news with her friend, some burning secrets begin to emerge.

How many episodes of Light The Night Part 2, how many are there

How many bets are in the second part of Night light su Netflix? Thursday December 30 for the first time with eight new episodes, About 45 minutes each, the second half of the series written by Ryan Too. The first season of Night light Thus, it comes to a total 16 bets in total.

Light The Night Part 2 Actors, Actors and Characters

Who do we see in the cast? Night light? The second episode of the episodes expects the actresses to attend Ruby Lynn like rose Cheryl Yang in those su. Add to them:

  • Wallace Howe He is Ma Tien-hua aka Hinoki, younger brother of Ching-yi, a notorious gangster
  • Vivian Hsu Like Chiung-fang, the previous owner of “Hikari”
  • Wu Kang Ren She is a transvestite hostess
  • Jan Wang She is Ching-yi’s mother
  • Jingle Wang It’s young Lu Yu Nong
  • Zeng Jinghua He is young Wu Shaoqiang
  • Jan Hee He is young Su Ching-yi
  • Austin Lane College student
  • 9m88 She is the stewardess of Hikari
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Trailer di Light The Night part 2

Here is the first look at the new episodes of the Taiwanese series with Official Announcement It was released on December 10, 2021 by Netflix Asia.

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Night light in the flow, guard pigeon

in the flow, part two of episodes Night light Available from December 30, 2021 exclusively on Netflix. On the gushing giant, therefore, the full bets From The first season From the Taiwanese TV series!

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