Nurses smoke after North Dakota, allowing medical workers with coronavirus to stay at work

In a North Dakota hospital, nurses are being forced to test patients for the deadly coronavirus, using only a surgical mask. Across the state, dozens of nurses are working multiple night shifts in a row, afraid to speak up as North Dakota grapples with a rapid rise in the coronavirus that has left hospitals facing serious shortages of beds.

On Monday, state officials announced a First aid that seems the opposite To combat the tidal wave of cases that has overwhelmed the often rural hospital system: Covid-19 nurses and healthcare workers can come to work.

Now, nurses are furious with hell.

“Nurses have a lot of confidence in our society, and if we say we can go back to work after a positive test – how do we expect the public to take this epidemic seriously?” Tessa Johnson, president of the North Dakota Nurses Association, told The Daily Beast.

“I’ve heard it from a lot of people that they are on the verge of collapse. I think we’re going to lose the nurses from this. It affected everyone in a different way.”

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