Navalny’s hunger strike: The Kremlin declined to comment

Reporters asked Peskov during a conversation on Thursday if there were any comments regarding this information.

“No, there will be no comment,” Peskov said.

According to him, the situation around Navalny is not on the agenda of the head of state, but Putin can discuss the matter with the Commissioner for Human Rights Tatyana Muskalkov, if she takes up the matter.

“If law enforcement authorities talk about something, the issue will be addressed. It is not on the agenda of the head of state,” Putin’s spokesman said.

In response to a question about whether the meeting’s agenda depends on the powers of human rights issues, Peskov said: “Without a doubt. He is the one who brings to the president a report.”

In response to a question about whether the Kremlin monitors the situation in the prison system and cases of improper treatment of prisoners, Peskov answered: formulate questions, write their proposals in contact with the authorities. They are mainly involved in discussing these issues. “

Peskov added: “All the issues identified are the subject of FSIN and its related subsidiary structure and are in no way the subject of our comments.”

Navalny announced Wednesday that he will go on a hunger strike until he receives adequate medical care.

“I went on hunger strike to demand respect for the law and to allow me to see an independent doctor,” she said in a statement on Instagram.

Navalny added that instead of receiving medical help, he was “tortured with sleep deprivation”.

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Meanwhile, Navalny’s comrades said Thursday that the opposition has lost eight kilograms in weight since being put in jail before the hunger strike and now weighs 85 kilograms.

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