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There was no popular rejoicing in the Central African Republic following the interim election results announced by the National Elections Agency in charge of the elections.

Unsurprisingly, Faustin Archange Touadera’s competitors are not intending to recognize the results.

Civil society calls on political leaders to file an appeal with the Constitutional Court.

“These are only temporary results. Today the only legal way to protest is to grant the privilege to protest before the Constitutional Court.”Origin Békondji is estimated to be a member of the National Election Observatory.

The protesters

Among the demonstrators is candidate Martin Zigueli, a former supporter of President Touadera. Condemns violations of the election law:

Opponent and presidential candidate 2020, Martin Zigueli

“We have adopted a new article requiring the head of each polling station to post before the polling station the results signed by all party representatives for the sake of transparency of the process. I simply note that since the elections were organized, the results were not published anywhere to attract the attention of witnesses. Top secret results, until the election results were announced [qui contiennent même] The results that come from polling stations in the governorates that have never participated in the elections, ” Zigeli said.

“Five years ago, I realized Faustin Archange Touadera had won less than an hour after ANE’s interim results were announced. Yet I knew it hadn’t won. But I wanted to give my country a chance to move quickly toward peace and development.

I am a Republican, stubborn and unrepentant, and precisely because of these values ​​I will not join this electoral monument, this farce that we want to serve its citizens. Therefore, I will not acknowledge these results and will file an appeal to the Constitutional Court, “ For his part, protested the candidate, Anisa Georges Dologo.

Of the 1,858,236 records, only half voted. The international community praised the interim results in a statement shortly after their announcement.

But this new mandate promises to complicate President Touadera. Final results must be announced on January 19 by the Constitutional Court.

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