Millions of unemployed people in the United States will stop receiving financial aid The National Gazette

Millions of unemployed people in the United States will stop receiving aid from Saturday (26). It is a reflection of the impasse surrounding the new economic stimulus package.

All benefits of pandemic emergency aid are about to be won. The weekly help of $ 300 for those who receive unemployment insurance expires on Saturday. The ban on evicting tenants with arrears ends on December 31.

In addition to providing direct assistance to workers, the 5,000-page text still provides loans of nearly $ 300 billion to small businesses and funds to help distribute vaccines.

The proposal passed by Democrats and Republicans in Congress earlier this week would also allocate $ 1.4 trillion to fund and sustain the federal government.

The money ran out on Tuesday (29), and the government could run out of money to pay employees’ salaries. The day after the congressional approval, President Donald Trump posted a video on a social network threatening to veto the package.

He criticized the proposal to send $ 600 checks to low-income families. Trump said the amount was a “disgrace” and said the Americans were entitled to checks of $ 2,000, or about $ 10,000.

House Speaker, Democratic opposition Representative Nancy Pelosi, responded that she was willing to agree to the president’s proposed new value, but resistance to the interest increase comes from within Trump’s own party, which has refused to negotiate more aid.

President Trump is showing no signs that he will sign the deal and Americans are in desperate need of help: 14 million people are unemployed and thousands of small businesses threatening to close their doors.

Additionally, the pandemic numbers are out of control. The number of deaths in the country reached 330 thousand people during Christmas.

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