La Gornada – Federer is confirmed in Australia

Melbourne. Australian Open director Craig Tilly has confirmed that Roger Federer will be one of the tennis players present in the first round. Big Slash Strikes 2021, scheduled to take place from February 8 to 21. World No. 1 (Australian) Ashley Barty will return to competing in Big Slash Strikes“Like Roger Federer who came back after injury,” Tilly said on the contest website.

Away from the slopes for most of the 2020 season after undergoing two operations on one knee, Federer, 39, admitted in mid-December that it was unclear if he would participate in the Australian Open, even setting the end of his career. Career Path Career Path.

Tilly also highlighted the entry of Serbia’s leader, Novak Djokovic, who will try to win his ninth title at Melbourne Park.

The last mentioned by the head of the organizing committee is the Spaniard Rafael Nadal, second in the world list, whose goal is set to reach the 21st. Big Slash Strikes To outperform Federer himself.

In a similar situation comes American Serena Williams, number 11 among the women, who will have a new opportunity to lift her 24th Cup and draw Australia’s Margaret Court, as the number one winner ever.

The Australian Open was set to start on January 18, but the organizers and governing bodies of tennis were forced to delay the dates at the request of the Australian authorities to put in place unprecedented health measures and thus prevent the spread of Covid-19.

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