Malvinas: The Argentine government is assessing the termination of historic agreements with the United Kingdom

Foreign Minister Felipe Sulla and Argentine President Alberto Fernandez on tour. Both are assessing the cancellation of strategic agreements signed 30 years ago with the UK

Government Alberto Fernandez Evaluation of these hours to carry out a coup d’état with uncertain consequences: Final annulment of the bilateral progress that has been signed in the past thirty years in matters of diplomatic relations between Argentina And the United kingdom, Link Broken after a war Malvinas 1982 and rebuilt 8 years later.

Kirchner management – on the advice of Ministry of Foreign AffairsHence, I seek to win some sympathy from part of the population, especially in the elusive audience that they are counted on Military, which is a nucleus related to ex-combatants and national sectors, More sensitive about island sovereignty.

Diplomatic sources confirmed Infobae The government’s analysis lies in the use of a recovery date Malvinas – April 2 – to announce. This is how conventions Madrid I and II (February 1990) under which the diplomatic relations between the two countries were resumed. Thanks to both agreements, a continuous communication of consultation was formed between them Buenos Aires And London To normalize relationships and especially develop South Atlantic Ocean. In addition to political and military issues, the agreement also covered issues related to fishing and other economic sectors, to avoid litigation and future conflicts.

For his part, the bilateral understanding signed on September 13, 2016, known as Furadori Duncan – In the names of the former Argentine Vice-Chancellor Carlos Furadori The Secretary of State for Europe and the Americas in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Commonwealth Relations, Alan Duncan– He’s also in the crosshairs Fernandez And his closest advisors. This paper of intent was issued during the administration Mauricio Macri The Argentine government would be allowed to influence the decision with an epic bias. in it Palacio San Martin They laugh softly:They will cancel a Press release“.

However, near Pink house We’re excited:Canceling those agreements would clear him (the president) with the Argentines and, above all, with Malvinas cause. It is an administrative act with major political repercussions for the world, for the Argentine army and retirees, for veterans. Also, all patriots will support him“.

In government offices believe that fighting at the moment with The UK is a good idea. To this strategy a little flaw is added to United StateAnd ChileAnd Brazil And Uruguay, And its growing proximity to Caracas. The last blink was the door closing Lima group. According to official accounts, this step could enhance identification with the hardline wing of the ruling coalition, to which new sectors of society will be added, at a time when signs of the existence of Deep political crisis, lack of response to the pandemic, institutional weakness and worrying economic performance.

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Already seen nacionalista

Among the arguments put forward by those who backed away from the agreement is that the document was signed by the government at the time Mauricio Macri Did not pass National Senate And that the points discussed only in favor of the British position and for this reason should be canceled. Two of the voices most opposed to this agreement were that of the former senator Black River Magdalena Oudarda – The current head of the National Institute of Indigenous Affairs– Who submitted a bill to cancel it in 2019 and from it Secretary to the Malvinas Islands, Antarctica and the South AtlanticAnd Daniel Vilmos.

In September of the same year 2019, Movies Opinion column wrote Announcing what will be the foundations of his work in The Chancellery: “We are convinced of this In the next government, the question of Malvinas will again be state policy. With this conviction, we Argentines will continue to claim, through diplomatic and peaceful channels, our sovereign rights over the Malvinas Islands, Georgia, the South Sandwich Islands and the surrounding maritime areas. The twenty-first century does not lead to the emergence of outdated and unjust situations such as colonialismThe former Education Minister rebuked the outgoing government Macri They submitted to the requests of the then prime minister Theresa May.

Andres CisnerosHe is one of the oldest diplomats in the United States ArgentinaMentioned Infobae How the agreements were reached with kingdom United During the first months of administration Carlos Softener. At that time he was the vice president of the university Guido de Tela. Thanks to these treaties, he explained, progress was made in several areas, which were subsequently blown up by governments Nestor And Christina Kirchner And Macri.

Cisneros He pointed out that although there have been no improvements in the oil sector due to high production costs, achievements have been made in natural fishing resources. “In hunting we have performed better, and for several years we have been sharing the resource fairly fairly. Then came the Kirchnerian, the agreement had ceased and now the English took it all. Aerial contact was an advance, then torpedoed by the Kirchner administrations and ended poorly in the Macri period.“.

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For a career ambassador Roberto Garcia Moritan If this maneuver is confirmed, thenImprovisation and lack of experienceIn the foreign affairs of the current chancellery. “In these sensitive issues such as Malvinas the best serenity. Such a complex relationship requires a moment of greater calm, as instead of moving and tearing down the water it is easier than building.Through dialogue with Infobae.

Garcia Mauritan It is believed that the termination of those agreements will not be timely, especially those from Madrid. “Madrid first is the resumption of diplomatic and consular relations. Are diplomatic relations suspended?He asked himself. In addition, he expressed concern that the decision-making process on international political issues might be contaminated with domestic issues. “It would be a shame to confuse domestic issues with such important issuesAnd warned.

If they now end up cutting everything off, those who will celebrate are the English: their future entry into the continent will not necessarily be through Argentina, but they will be able to travel and trade more with any of our neighbors.He said on his part Cisneros. For the former tough guy in San Martin Palace “This abolition measures glove-like divisions with the rest Isolationist foreign policy, Jingguest And demagoguery. Everyone was waiting for her“.

From kingdom United, The potential metric of the current administration is seen as A. Been seen From the tragic decision taken by the former dictator Leopoldo Fortunato GalleryWho ordered the islands to be invaded 39 years ago. “If the Argentine government cancels these agreements, they will represent a serious step backward in the relations between the two countries and the prospects for reaching a final agreement.“, Said L. Infobae An experienced British diplomat Dudley Ankerson, Who was a member of the diplomatic corps for kingdom United Between 1976 and 2006.

“ I assume that President Fernandez, under the influence of CFK (Cristina Fernández de Kirchner), will try to use the Malvinas case to distract the public from the problems of his government, just like what the Gallery and Board of Directors did in 1982.He caught the ambassador’s attention while he was enjoying his vacation. For Ankerson,Argentina’s best hope of achieving long-term sovereignty over the islands is to win the goodwill of the islanders. This was always the caseHowever, the strategy a house Pink Nowadays it will be based on more hostile ways towards its inhabitants.

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Madrid Agreements

From time immemorial, every country that loses a war begins their recovery by trying to restore the situation to what it was before. (Raoul) Alphonsine did not put an end to the state of war and we began to declare it, by once again maintaining diplomatic relations with the United Kingdom.Shown Cisneros When evaluating that time from external strategy.

Cisneros He noted that at that time – as now – many heroes of Argentine political life.They keep hitting the patch chauvinism And demagoguery that only deceives the people“.

Our vision was that we would reach a final settlement with the English language faster and mutually satisfactory, if we started cooperative missions instead of insulting each other, that would show the world an attitude different from the behavior of Galetieri and allow us to pave the way for this final solution.“He emphasized.”The agreements now threatened with annulment were an attempt in this direction. Were they perfect? No, can more be done? Perhaps, but we did not get much after the war that we started ourselves, moreover, we lost“he added.

Today, these developments are close to being dynamite exploded by fresh speculation of circumstances. The chancellery that leads Felipe Single It seeks to show “achievement” on the international stage with a maneuver that would lead to a deterioration in relations with the United kingdom. Agreements canceled Madrid He will leave the country on the verge of breaking a diplomat with it London. Cancel a press release in honor of the theater of the absurd. The original diplomatic fad for a government Alberto Fernandez That can lead to a final push to the final isolation that Argentina.

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