Olympic champions and worlds in teams from Cuba and the United States at Grand Prix Wrestling in Nice

Megian Lopez, a three-time Olympic champion in classic style, will not go to bed in Nice, where he will take the opportunity to coach and appreciate potential competitors heading to the Tokyo Olympics. Photo: Ricardo Lopez, Hevia.

With 15 wrestlers, the Cuban team will lead at the Henri Deglane Wrestling Grand Prix, in Nice, France, Olympic champion Megan Lopez (130 kg) and Ismail Burreiro (67 kg). Kings at that level also feature Helen Marulis (57 kg) and Kyle Snyder (97 kg) in the list of 33 fighters summoned by the United States.

According to the Cuban publication JIT, Lopez, a three-time Olympic player in the classic style, will not sit on the ranking in the Nice Championship (which marks the opening of the World Federation’s calendar in 2021), as his goal is to leverage the occasion to train and appreciate potential competitors heading to the Tokyo Olympics .

Cuba will compete with an entire team in the Greco-Roman fashion and with four wrestlers per capita in the men’s and women’s freestyle, including Reiners Andrew (57 kg) and Milimes Marine (76 kg), who will strive to achieve the optimum level with their pre-Olympiad vision in May. In Sofia, Bulgaria.

In addition to Marolis and Snyder, the United States will attend the French Grand Prix four-way world champion Jacara Winchester (53 kg), Tamera Minsah-Stoke (68 kg), Kyle Duckey (74 kg) and David Taylor (86 kg). ), In addition to five other global medalists.

According to the TEAM USA website, the northern delegation will consist of nine women, 10 men in free mode and 12 representatives of the Greco-Roman style.

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The French competition begins next Friday (January 15th), with prizes contested in the female sector. A day later, the stubbornness of the men’s free-swimming will continue and will conclude on Sunday the 17th with the Greeks.

(With information from Prensa Latina)

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