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French President Emmanuel Macron praised the measures and mass protests against health permits that took place on July 17-24 across the country. He reminded citizens that freedom involves duties, and cast the protesters as selfish. RIA Novosti.

The French leader called for unification, and noted that freedom is based on mutual obligations, and that freedom “when I owe nothing to anyone” does not exist. In his opinion, it is necessary to understand that if people decide not to vaccinate, they can pass the infection on to someone from their loved ones.

“If you do not want to be vaccinated, then tomorrow you will infect your father or your mother or me. This means that I will become a victim of your freedom, while you have the opportunity to protect yourself and me. Perhaps you have a severe form of the disease, you will be hospitalized. And all the medical staff will have to treat you , and perhaps they should postpone planned surgeries in the name of your freedom. This is not freedom. “This is what is called irresponsibility and selfishness,” the French president said.

Macron noted that he respects those who doubt vaccinations, but said they come not only to protests, but also people “who act irrationally, cynically and resort to manipulation.”

July 24 in the French capital in parallel Passed successfully Three simultaneous actions against the introduction of “health permits”. In particular, groups of protesters were seen in Trocadero and Bastille Square. The third group headed to the handicapped yard to join the health workers protesting against the mandatory vaccination against COVID-19.

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Earlier it was reported that in France inserted Sanitary corridors to enter museums and cinemas. This pass confirms that the owner has been vaccinated, has tested negative for coronavirus, or has recently contracted an illness.

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