A German citizen will be prosecuted for participating in protests in Minsk: Belarus: Former USSR: Lenta.ru

The Investigative Committee of Belarus completed the investigation into the criminal cases of four other protesters in Minsk in August 2020 and referred their cases to court. Among the accused is a German citizen, reach The press service of the department.

According to Britain, the man succumbed to the influence of opposition Telegram channels and flagrantly violated public order while participating in unauthorized gatherings in the center of Minsk. The administration added that the defendants, along with other people, ignored the demands of law enforcement officers and went out onto the road, impeding public transportation.

“During interrogation, the 39-year-old German citizen explained that he was moving” with other people along Pobediteley Street to avoid arrest and trial, “said Ekaterina Garlinskaya, the official representative of the investigation.

The militiamen confirmed that the photos were attached to the case, proving the guilt of the Belarusian and German detainees. It is noteworthy that the four protesters have not been convicted of previous convictions, and their cases have been referred to the court. They face up to three years in prison.

October 14 Ministry of the Interior (MVD) of Belarus exposed The identities of almost all active participants and administrators of Telegram extremist channels and chats. According to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, work on de-anonymizing has been completed so far. The representative of the department stressed that the innovators, organizers and participants of extremist groups would be prosecuted.

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In Belarus, mass protests continued for more than six months after the presidential elections on August 9, 2020. These actions were brutally suppressed by the security forces. Tens of thousands of people were detained, many of whom spoke of torture and beatings in isolation wards.

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