LeAnn Rimes announces a new meditation album, “Chant” that sounds like Nashville

Country song maker LeAnn Rimes is ready to introduce her acclaimed voice in a whole new way, as she announced her new meditations album, titled Chant: The Human and the Holy

Scheduled for release on November 20 and featuring 12 calming tracks, the project will be a bold (but relaxing) change of pace. “blue” star. It aims to showcase the power of her country’s voice “in a completely new light, channeling wisdom into the mantra and messages of hope and remembrance during a time of need.”

Co-written by Rimes and Darrell Brown, the album reportedly took nearly 10 years to complete. Remes was best known for becoming a country star when she was a teenager but then had a hard time adjusting to the spotlight, eventually having to seek treatment for anxiety and depression at the age of 30. Now she is turning this experience into a way to help others, by using her love for music to transform the prayers and mantras she passed into inspiring hymns. Each one is a reminder of the “inherent value, belonging and wholeness” of the listener, designed as a daily dose of support.

“For those of you who may not be aware of my journey into this space, I have been exploring new ways to connect with and benefit from my voice over the past twelve months,” Rimes wrote on Instagram. “I have been creating hymns to broadcast and send to my country Embed a Tweet I had no idea how to receive it, or how related to my new adventures. I felt so inspired by overwhelming love that you sent my path so much that I knew I wanted to expand into a clear gesture from the universe that I was on the verge of achieving something special. ”

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Meanwhile, LeAnn Rimes will research mental and emotional health more with a new podcast entitled Wholly Human, which will debut on November 30th on iHeartRadio.

Chant: The Human and the Holy Playlist:

  1. My heart
  2. Stay where you are and know
  3. In stillness
  4. Dear
  5. Human being / holy
  6. the truth of love
  7. What I cannot change (chants)
  8. With my hand
  9. Set me free
  10. Let the light in
  11. Christ
  12. Rich love in the world

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