Elio: The beauty of Italia’s Got Talent is that there is no fight between the judges

Elio: The beauty of Italia's Got Talent is that there is no fight between the judges

Elio: “I don’t break and everything is already broken”

Republic Friday Page 108, by Alba Solaro.

a helium, “that of tense stories‘, to the century Stefano Bellisari, born in 1961, you can apply what he says about him Enzo JanacciHe is a serious person who also knows how to make people laugh. Now that not taking himself seriously is a luxury, he’s back to luxuriate on TV (now he’s impressed, “and obviously there’s no comparison with the earnings you make in theater or with music”). As of January 19, he will be on the bench of judges Italy has talents. for him SkyUno e right Now, together with Frank Matano, Mara Mayonchi, Federica Pellegrini, presenter Ludovica Comilo. «Italy has talents I was instantly attracted to it, he says, because it has all the good aspects x factor Not the bad guys.”

What will they be?
“The competition between referees, the low blows, the fights, those unbearable things. l IGT I madly enjoyed my time without arguing with anyone.”
He promised to teach Milan to Federica Pellegrini, who in the last version gave a performance in the Romanian dialect.
“But no, it was to play. Even if I would gladly trade with a teaching from the Veneto region ».
Does the Romanian Central Public Television bother you?
“I don’t feel it. It would have been with me since I was little. It would make me even weirder if rai broadcasts were about guns.”
If he had his own TV, what would it look like?
“Ah, I’ll do like Ray’s Sixties.”
what does it mean?
Broadcasting begins at 5 pm. Nothing first.”
And then?
“We make programs for the little ones. My favorite audience: 11 years old. The age of my children.

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Who will love him when he lives like smudges in the final x factor 2015. The feeling is that TV is looking for it because it’s the breaking point, the breaking point. Is it still so?
“I don’t know. This thing never actually reached me, I hope they contact me for something else. L x factor, in addition to making a note of lightness on a very heavy table, they also sought me for efficiency. I think this fact of the rupture no longer exists. What do you want to break again? Everything is broken.”
They feature her on Wikipedia as “Italian songwriter, oboeist, and comedian”. It is recognized?
“Only the flute player. Comic I think they wrote it later very funny».
Actually very funny They still remember the performance disguised as Gioconda playing Popeye’s tune on the flute.
“Like many things in life, learning to play the flute was a coincidence. I was young, in school there were classical music courses. I wanted to play the piano, but I made the mistake of going to an instrument assignment meeting without my mom, as the others did. Balnay ».
With Tense Stories, there’s no literary genre you haven’t dared to. However, there will be someone who can’t stand it.
“Sure: the trap, the things that are getting stronger now. It is incomprehensible to me.”
What is the music you are listening to today?
“Always the same. Cute Giant, Genesis, Led Zeppelin, The Beatles. I can’t relate to anything that’s been shown lately. I liked Madame, I spent a day there together and it blew me away.”

January 14 theater tour take the ear, Presentation dedicated to Enzo Janacci. He said he wanted to do him justice because he was never considered for what he really was.
“I have my idea, which may not even be correct: The problem is that it was funny. Here we have a ‘mistake’. Look at how Toto was looked at when he was alive. Jannacci was a genius who also knew how to make people laugh. But with a song he could That rips your courage.
He was her father’s schoolmate at Berchett High School.
As soon as I met him at the Rai I tried to tell him: ‘Do you know my father was in class with you?’ He doesn’t react. He was a weird guy that doesn’t mean I’m not (bursts of laughter, so.) ».
What Janacci song do you like the most?
“Among those selections for the show, I like it the most He had a black taxi. The text is composed by Dario Fo, music is by Fiorenzo Carpi, and it is a picture of the mad 60s Milanese all within. Milan is a city that is always told from the point of view of efficiency and productivity. And we ignore that particular way of life, even if absurd, which is already typical of Milan and which Ianacci said so well.”
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