Last minute: US Vice President Mike Pence attends the presidential transition ceremony – news

Pence will attend the presidential transport ceremony!

ABDIt was announced that Vice President Mike Pence would attend the “delegation party” that took place after the presidential elections in Turkey, which was attended by the former president and the new president.

Incumbent President Trump has announced that he will not attend the handover ceremony scheduled for January 20, and President-elect Joe Biden commented, “one of the few things we have agreed on.”

The role of the pen in recording President Joe Biden

He criticized President Pence for his role in counting the votes of members of the Electoral College in Congress during the raid by Trump supporters on January 6.

He was one of the people trapped in the US Capitol when supporters of Trump stormed the building during the vote count. Joe Biden’s presidency was registered by Parliament thanks to Pence’s position, which enabled the election counting process to continue after the building was secured.

Who are the presidents who attended the handover ceremony?

Three American presidents in the past; Presidents were not to attend the inauguration of John Adams’ successors in 1801, John Quincy Adams in 1829, and Andrew Johnson in 1869.

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