ItsArt’s Italian Culture Show kicked off on Netflix on May 31

The news is official and was published late in the morning, Friday April 30: Next May 31 shines.It is an art(Crasis of)Italy is art‘), The new platform that wants to celebrate and promote Italian culture, arts and creativity – and more generally – beauty.

The owner of the Ministry of Culture confirmed himself that the actual launch date was imminent Dario Franceschini (Who is the promoter of the initiative), on the occasion of a meeting he organized Microsoft, For “Education Day 2021“Although weekly”panoramaYesterday, on April 28, he signed an article Stefano Ianaconi, AuthorizedItsArt’s missed opportunityHe mocked the entire process, stating that it was an involuntary replay of the failure of the past, an initiative destined for the end.In the calendar slips web slashes. Which left indelible memories in matters of tourism and culture, such as the location Verybello.itIt is also the minister himself who desperately wants to promote Italian tourism and shut down the malicious at the beginning of 2017“.

The long-awaited (especially due to frequent announcements, from month to month, at least from mid-December of last year) ”Netflix Italian CultureAs the initial definition later becameDisney Italian culture(Napoleon’s ambitions continue to some extent, but this is a promotional game), dedicated – in the intentions of the company running it, or Chile TV (The working partner vs. the major shareholder Cassa Depositi e Prestiti – Cdp, which owns 51% of the shares) –For all those who love art, produce and experience art in all its forms and deviations and will offer its audience an extensive program of exclusive free and paid content, which will also be made available internationally.“.

More specifically, view It is an art It will range from the most successful artists to new talents, through the promotion of distinctive places, great museums and all the artistic and cultural privileges that generate and develop in our country.

How does ItsArt compare to Rai Cultura and Sky Arte?

In fact, it appears that something similar – very similar – has already been introduced somehow – for better or worse – by Ray Cultura And yes Sky Art, Although these are streaming TV channels, and here we are talking about a “broadcast” viewing platform, although it should not be forgotten what can be accessed – and for free – from Ray Play

An extensive timeline – in fact, is a “catalog” – from “Exclusive free and paid content, which will also be made available on an international scale“.

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The Maestro also contributes to the digital presentation of the platform Ricardo Muti, Who decided to collaborate with a series of concerts and content, which integrates with the live show, is finally reopened to the public.

The first major exclusive event will be “In Live”: The ConcertTotal supply. In this story that is mine“, From Claudio Baglioni From Teatro dell’Opera di Roma (2 June) and Maggio Musicale Fiorentino with “The power of destiny” From Giuseppe Verdi, Directed by the Maestro Zubin Mehta Directed by Carls Padresa From No Fora Deals Baus (June 6).

Events will be available for pre-sale starting early May on the major platforms ofthe ticketsIt would also be interesting to analyze the pricing policies, which – until now – nothing is known about.

The press release for the platform is not without some rhetoric, but at the launch stage – how do I say ?! This enthusiasm for advertising is understandable, and also to stimulate the “attractiveness” of potential customers:A journey through theater, places and stories, three sections through which institutions and cultural workers can recount their projects, work and artistic thought, in a large hypothetical stagee “.

From the first weeks of its launch, more than 700 content will be available, including new formats developed and produced by the main Italian cultural institutions (museums, institutions, academies, theaters, monuments …), as well as a wide range of films and documentaries, thanks to cooperation with production companies Major movies.

And here – because it is cinema of clear origin. “theatrical“- It would be interesting to analyze”LibraryThe show, under some fierce competition from other platforms: Netflix Ed Amazon Prime Above all, but also Nexus + e Rakuten TV, Etc.

How Does ItsArt Compare With Rai International English Channel?

Through its technology, which allows for live and on-demand distribution, ItsArt will allow to overcome boundaries, expand audiences, and open a new phase of the fruits of artistic and cultural content anywhere in the world for theater, opera, museums, music, cinema, dance and any other language.And here is the question that arises naturally: And what happened (or will, if anything) the most professed Rai channel for foreign countries, Or the English Language Channel for the international promotion of “Made in italy“What is tangible and intangible (required by the current“ service contract ”between the state and Ray) ?!

There has been no news, for months, of this bold project, even if the CEO was a few weeks ago.for the time(Until the end of July) for Viale Mazzini Fabrizio Salini I announce that the channel will see the light in the short term. We learned from rumors that Viale Mazzini has commissioned specialized companies to search for the “naming” of the channel, so the launch of the channel may be really imminent …

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for him It is an artWe spent a lot of ink on these poles (see lastly)Key4bizOn April 7, 2021, ItsArt, Italian Netflix of Culture postpones its launch until the end of April (and cinemas may reopen)), thus we refer to the suggested analyzes so far: so you can “touch”, or refer to the “catalog “One remains in the Goodwill Book if it is not – the maliciousness of some competitor – of dreams …

Meanwhile, Byoblu – Really TV on air starting April 25 on channel 262 for digital terrestrial …

A completely different story, however, with PuebloAnnounced a few weeks ago, on the occasion of censorship by Youtube Whose account was closed at the end of March (see ”Key4bizOn April 7, 2021, movie censorship was abolished. But the real problem is what is being circulated on the web ”), the much sought-after initiative Claudio Affluent (Former senior communications advisor at Movimento 5 Stelle), since last Sunday April 25, the broadcaster has been broadcasting on Channel 262.

Pueblu Channel Youtube It boasted of more than 500,000 users …

the channel Pueblo – really TV It airs across the country on Timb Mix 2 and broadcasts on H.264.

We watched the broadcast on the first day, from 3 pm on Sunday 25, and noticed a wide spectrum of voices, even if a particular sensitivity towards unconventional and outlandish personalities, opponents and opponents was shown on the margins of the mainstream media system, from Nino Galloni a Ugo mate Passing through Diego Fusaro And on the Senator for the Northern League Alberto BagnaySo far, it could be a wonderful initiative, a new opportunity for media democracy and freedom of expression …

It is surprising that the launch of the channel did not arouse any interest from the daily press and the major media (do not believe one article! You can also check the database Datastamba S.D. Journalism environment!), But this position ends with the confirmation of the “conspiracy theory” that is fueled by initiatives of this kind: or the thesis that “Don’t talk about me, ah and then This is the assertion that I am an interpreter of true truth in the face of the flow of lies and distortions of prevailing thought(And differences on the topic “False newsInformation, information and countermeasures …).

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In the long live broadcast of April 25, among other things, we noticed a long-running service that celebrated resistanceGlorifying the role of the revolutionaries. We have also observed how the Byoblu promoters themselves proclaimed heirs to the late experience Giulietta Chiesa, Who also worked on a freelance TV broadcaster project. So she does not appear to be a “right-wing” broadcaster …

We also noticed the large amount of space given to Tiziana Trio, PromoterLiberation march“A few months ago in Piazza San Giovanni in Rome (which gathered a variety of advocates of the” opposition “, from No-Vax to the Foundation Di Bella …), which announced the creation ofNational Committee for the Liberation of the Constitution“…

We have noted the support given to the Byoblu project by politicians elected from the ranks 5-star movement And “immigrants” to the territory of the other side: from Gianluigi Paragon, Founder ItalExit (Former director of “BadaniaFormer journalist atfree, Former deputy director of Rai1 and Rai2, often called the “Santoro Right”) A. Sarah ConnialPromoted ”R2020Or #Rebellion #Resistance #Rebirth – Let’s network(It is an initiative that considers them to be co-stars David Barillary e Evan Catalano, Which originates as “Democratic, open and inclusive container“Asks”Immediately suspend the Coronavirus emergency, restore the constitution and respect our rights”) …

Some ask “Spending” over there “behind“Initiative (some even assume”International sovereignty“In the service of Putin’s Russia interests!), Given that it is inevitable. Not indifferent Budget pledge: promoter”Citizen TVClaudio Affluent He claimed that 150,000 euros would have been enough to switch from the web to the digital terrestrial, and claims that it had raised (by April 10), using “crowdfunding” technology (also thanks to donations of a few euros from thousands of citizens), around 325,000 euros. In a few weeks … Anyone who knows the TV economy knows, however, that just to have a terrestrial digital channel you need to save at least 20,000 euros per month. Net liberation costs …

We will soon return to these two initiatives, which are certainly far from each other, but both are marked by the desire to expand the cultural and political scope of our country.

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