The progression of the plot of the new season

The Witcher 2: advances the plot of the new season of the Netflix TV series

written by: Maria Anna Cappelaeredate of publication:

As December is less away, and with season two of The Witcher arriving, more news arrives to prepare us for the new episodes. In particular, it was revealed Some previews related to the plot.

renderer Lauren S. Hisrich revealed that On the screen we will see the third story from The Guardian of the Innocents – which opens the story of Geralt of Rivia – atom of truthOne of the favorite parts of the Polish writer’s opera fans Andrei Sapkowski.

“I’m glad that in season two we’ll be reviving one of my favorite short stories. It was the worst kept secret ever, but we’re adjusting to A Grain of Truth to open the second season of The Witcher, and I have to say then. In season one, I thought we missed the chance to finish The short stories, instead we were able to adapt this one, and put Ciri in. It’s the story of a father and daughter arriving together in a place that doesn’t seem safe at all to them, and of course we can get to know Nivellen, played by the incomparable Christopher Hevju, and we can explore this character and his background dramatic, as well as Geralt with him.”

This is the statement of Hissrich, who then spoke about A new character for Nevelin will appear in the new episodes.
showrunner also added:
“This is the perfect start to Season 2, because it’s about family. It’s about the secrets we keep from each other, and it’s about the monsters that are often found inside.”

For all the latest updates for the new season of the Netflix TV series, we refer you to the dedicated section.

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