How does the vaccination permit work between swabs, quarantine and travel

“As it stands, the law does not adequately limit the scope of use of the permits, with the risk of interpretations, perhaps in good faith, which have the effect of inadequately expanding the perimeter. There is no clear definition of processors (owner and manager in particular), which is rather necessary. From that, regardless of the other, for interested parties to exercise the rights recognized for them under privacy regulations. Pascual StanzioneHead of the Personal Data Protection Authority printing His doubts about the measure the government intends to adopt to give Italians a permit at this time of the reopening, the so-called green pass or green certificate.

According to the guarantor, the government rule contained in the Covid decree, which came into effect on April 26, should be amended because “two different pass models are provided depending on whether they are negative swabs or cathartic swabs, or alternatively, they should be replaced with a hint of time. “The only thing is that the certificate has expired. After that, adequate guarantees must be provided regarding the nature of the processed and sensitive data.”

Green Corridor in Italy

But how do you get the green corridor today? The law states that in Italy, those who have completed the vaccination course, all those who have recovered from the infection and those who have not been vaccinated, can be swabbed within 48 hours before the move.

Regarding the completion of the vaccination course, in Lazio it is already possible to download a certificate attesting to vaccination. The governor announced this morning Nicola Zingaretti, And also the recognition that “the most complicated matter is understanding what it is used for.” Zingaretti says more than 500,000 have been registered and around 170,000 have already been downloaded. But for the GP, there is no obligation to download the patient’s permit.

European digital green card

The Italian certificate is a certificate that precedes the permissibility of vaccination that they are discussing in Europe these days, and it will not be activated before June and July. The goal, of course, is to ease restrictions on movement, but guarantor Stanzione is looking forward to what could be privacy issues even in a European passport. “ The draft regulation, albeit with some of the changes requested by the European privacy guarantor and the board of directors, lies in the basis of a weighted balance between privacy, health needs and freedom of movement, as it provides sufficient guarantees to avoid unnecessary data processing, and through which distinction is made, ” the president said. printing.

Thus, the European vaccination permit provides the same options as the Italian Green Corridor and can be in digital or paper format. Regarding personal data, the European Union Parliament argues that it is not seen as a travel document, that it must always be compatible with other national initiatives, that it will have an electronic signature to avoid fraud and that all sensitive data cannot be stored in the country at the destination, nor will it be There is a central database, like Courier service.

On Wednesday, the European Parliament, which must reach an agreement with the council, approved the changes to the Commission’s proposal. The card should be called “Eu Covid-19 Certificate” and must be extended for one year.

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An example of what the journalist will present on Twitter David Caretta.

Critical issues that go beyond privacy

However, the problems of creating a suitable document at the European level exist in tampons, which must be “universal, accessible, timely, and free”, and on the premise that measures should not be added to the pass. Restrictive by member states. However, this falls within the exclusive jurisdiction of member states in health matters.

In this regard, the European Union Commission has intervened with its spokesperson, Eric MamerHe pointed out that “in the legislative proposal it was not written that anyone possessing a digital certificate would be able to move around Europe without conducting a survey or quarantine. What is written is that if a country sees, despite the permission to vaccinate against the Covid virus, that It is necessary to take measures, they will inform “and that these measures must not be discriminatory but proportionate.

Can we go back?

If measures proving a person free from Covid are still an excellent catalyst to revive the economy, on the other hand, to really return to travel freely around the world, it runs counter to a series of complex problems.

The first question to ask is to ask Financial times In one of Article Speaking of the mosaic of different vaccination cards: What vaccines will count? How many doses? Akbar Al BakerThe CEO of Qatar Airways said in statements to the newspaper: “If every country has a different protocol, every country has a different system, and every country has different requirements, the passengers are confused and the airlines are confused.”

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Is the unified system still far away?

In fact, a unfortunate world order seems very far away. Let’s take the main point of summer tourism. Some European countries are already taking different measures. Greece has also decided to remove the quarantine of those who have been vaccinated with Sputnik and who have had the Chinese vaccine. Spain remains cautious about opening up to tourists, which will take place in June with the vaccination card.

In reality, however, even the internal vaccination pathways themselves are different from one another. While in Denmark, a tampon made 72 hours ago is also valid, in France they are considering using it only for large gatherings such as concerts, as well as tampons, vaccinations and a tracking app that will be expanded to facilitate international travel (already tested this week for trips to Corsica).

Diversity can be predicted, but the problem that has to be overcome next is getting the different national systems to “talk” to each other. For this reason, the European Commission has already instructed the German company Deutsche Telekom and Sap to plan a project that could make national systems communicate with each other, in order to obtain, through a QR code, the possibility of obtaining an immediate ‘passage’ to the destination country, without Infringement of the national certificate, when traveling.

United States of America

In an interview with The New York Times Ursula von der Leyen “The 27 member states will unconditionally accept those who have received vaccines approved by the EMA,” he said. Americans use vaccines approved by the European Medicines Agency. This will allow freedom of movement and travel in the European Union.

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Even if there are ongoing communications between the European Union and the United States regarding vaccination permits, the United States has not yet made a final decision on this issue internally. So much so, that there is a race between individuals to prepare vaccination passports, but the White House now warns of this “confusion” that leaves us confused about the question of credibility.

Possible solution

Specifically, since airlines are among the hardest hit by the pandemic crisis, they always come from Foot One of the biggest bakers from Qatar Airways is a possible solution, which is to return to the past, to refer to the vaccination against Covid in passports, as has been the case for years for yellow fever, which was requested by many African and Latin American countries.

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