It is noteworthy that the remastered mass effect trilogy will be released next fall

Photo: Bioware

Today, as part of N7 Day, Bioware has officially announced The legendary Diamond Effect Version, Which brings together the original three Ivick Masst Games in one redesigned set, featuring enhanced visuals, textures, and all previously released DLC. It will be released next year in the Australian fall for PC and consoles.

Bioware does not call Mass effect Redesigned edition A complete remake, But instead aims to drastically improve and clean the original games so that new and returning players can experience the classic RPG trilogy “in the best possible way.” The enhancements include new shades, improved character models, textures, higher resolution, and tire optimization.

It is coming to PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Bioware also says Xbox Series X and PS5 releases will include “targeted enhancements,” so expect better space visuals on next-gen hardware.

Originally released in 2007, it’s the first game in Mass effect Trilogy that was exclusive to Xbox 360. (Remember that? It was weird). After that, though, all that later Mass effect The games will be cross-platform versions, including the latest ones Diamond Effect Andromeda. Also no, Andromeda Not part of this group.

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