iPhone 13 has no phone noise canceling problem, Apple has no prospect of finding a solution – innovative Japanese version

Noise canceling

The phone noise canceling feature available on iPhone 12 and earlier models (reducing ambient noise during calls) is not yet available on the iPhone 13 series, and users have been waiting for an Apple fix for months.

a few days ago,On the Reddit main bulletin board“There was a post saying there was no ‘front microphone that could be used for noise canceling’ on the iPhone 13. The reason why the poster believed there was no ‘phone noise canceling’ toggle on the previous model in the ‘Accessibility’ → ‘Audio/Visual’ setting app .

Noise canceling

Noise canceling

It’s true that the iPhone 13 lacks this feature, but that doesn’t mean it has fewer microphones than the iPhone 12 and earlier. Other Reddit users pointed out exactly that this wasn’t a hardware issue, another contributor in October.Discussions were held in the official Apple forumQuoted. Through a series of exchanges, it appears that it has been confirmed that the “iPhone 13 series does not have a phone noise canceling switch” has been left unattended.

Also on the official forum above, another user wrote that Apple is aware of this issue.

It means, “iPhone 13 never had this option in iOS 15 due to a bug. I’m talking to Apple Support about this. This is a known issue and at the moment. There is no possibility of a solution. This error also causes echo symptoms that occur in CarPlay when talking between iPhone 13s.”

The post that started this was on Oct 29, about 2 months ago. iOS 15.2 was recently released, but this issue has not been resolved and it seems that it is still persisting in iOS 15.3 beta. US writer 9to5Mac released an image with the iPhone XS on the left and the iPhone 13 Pro on the right (title image), imagining that the latest iPhone models don’t have the features available in previous models three years ago.

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Accessibility features make it easy for everyone to access information and services.Apple is focusing on this directionIt seems strange that I haven’t been able to solve the problem for a long time, but I’d like to wait for support in the future.


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