WhatsApp is no longer a photo editor on WhatsApp

InternetDesk: WhatsApp will introduce another new feature for mobile users. WhatsApp Community Blog WhatsApp Beta Info (WabitaInfo) says that the drawing tool / photo editing tool, which until now was only available for desktop users, will soon be available in the mobile version as well. Information that the phone brings this tool in two versions on WhatsApp. One is for photos and the other is for video editing, according to Wabitainfo. With this tool, users can cut photos that they send to others and add emojis, gifs, and texts on photos. Do you want to know how this tool works with videos?

In addition, WhatsApp is introducing changes to the user interface (UI) for desktop users, as well as a new feature called Chat Bubbles. It also introduces a new update that allows you to change the colors of the chat bar. In addition, WhatsApp introduces new features such as background voice messages, changes to the chat list, and advanced search. Over the past few months, WhatsApp has been trying to make it more user-friendly by introducing a series of new features compared to other messaging apps.

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