Interesting apps on smartphones to welcome the new year 2021

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The world turns 2021. Here are some useful and interesting must-have smartphone apps to help you welcome the new year.

The app automatically sends New Year welcome messages on New Year’s Eve moments

You want to send Happy New Year messages to your friends and relatives in the moment of New Year’s Eve, but you are afraid to forget and skip the time to change the old year to the new year.

An app called Do It Later would be a great helper in this case.

Do it later It is a free application that allows users to schedule a timer so that the smartphone automatically sends messages, emails and write status on Twitter at a specified time. Users just need to pre-formulate the content of the message (email), specify the recipient’s address, and then schedule the app to be executed automatically.

Do It Later is currently only available for the Android version, and readers can find and download apps on CH Play, or download apps directly. Here Or when Here (Compatible with Android 4.4 and above).

The app has a fully Vietnamese interface, so it’s easy to use and comfortable.

Fireworks live wallpaper to welcome the new year 2021 beautifully

Beautiful and colorful fireworks displays are an indispensable part of every New Year celebration. If you like the vibrant colors of fireworks displays, New Year Fireworks 2021 is a must-see app on your smartphone for the New Year.

New Year Fireworks 2021 is a collection of free animated wallpapers for Android that will bring beautiful and colorful fireworks displays on the screen of your smartphone. In particular, this live wallpaper also provides a very lively fireworks sound and the unique number 2021 is displayed in the middle of the screen, adding an interesting atmosphere to the user’s smartphone screen.

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Currently the app only has an Android version, and readers can find and download apps on CH Play or download and install free apps. Here or Here (Compatible with Android 4.1 and later versions).

After installing the application, press the “Open” button from the dialog box that appears, then press the “Set wallpaper” button to change the smartphone wallpaper. You can choose to use this live wallpaper as background for your home screen or lock screen on your smartphone.

Interesting applications on smartphones to welcome the new year 2021 - 2

To add fireworks sound effect to the live wallpaper, launch the New Year Fireworks 2021 application installed, then select “Settings”. In Search by Interface, search for the item “Voice” and activate it.

Interesting applications on smartphones to celebrate the New Year 2021 - 3

Now, your smartphone screen will be filled with colorful fireworks, it is very vibrant and beautiful, besides the sound of the fireworks, you will definitely feel satisfied.

Fitness app to protect your health to welcome the new year

Health is always something precious to every person. As the new year 2021 enters, many people have set a goal to move more to stay healthy and have a resilient body, however, not everyone has the time to go to the gym, especially for those who are an officer.

Instead of going to the gym, you can work out at home anytime at your leisure, with the help of an app called Home workout – No equipment.

This free app will turn your smartphone into a personal trainer to guide users through simple and effective exercises that anyone can do at home without them. Need to use specialized gym equipment.

The advantage of the app is that it will divide the exercises into each level from simple to advanced and divide the exercises into separate muscle groups so that users can choose exercises easily. Suitable for your purpose such as exercises to increase upper body strength, exercises to increase the strength of the lower body, exercises to increase chest or arm muscles … The application also allows people to use to define training goals by the number of exercises per week and will track the user’s training progress to see if This goal had been achieved.

Home Exercise – No exercise equipment will be illustrated in animation form, it is very simple and easy to understand for users to follow. The app also guides users through warm-up and muscle relaxation steps before and after exercise to avoid injury during exercise.

For Android users, download the app for free Here Or when Here (Compatible with Android 4.4 and above). For iOS users, download the app for free now Here (Compatible with iOS 9.0 and above).

Apps that help reduce stress and keep the mind relaxed

In addition to physical health, mental health is also very important. Having a relaxed spirit will help us feel happier, work and study more effectively. But you can’t always keep your mind comfortable.

Science has proven that if you breathe correctly, you can effectively reduce stress. However, not everyone knows how to breathe correctly and correctly.

Calmaria is the app that will be useful to you. This is a free app that will guide users how to inhale / exhale each rhythm to help reduce stress and relax spiritually.

The app currently has versions for both Android and iOS, and readers can find and download the apps on the Play Store and App Store, or directly download the app. Here Or when Here (Compatible with Android 5.0 and later) Download the iOS version now Here (Compatible with iOS 13.3 and above).

Interesting applications on smartphones to welcome the new year 2021-4

Using the app is very simple, just click the circle icon in the main interface, Calmaria will start to guide users how to inhale through the nose, hold breaths and exhale through the mouth. Users need to breathe in every rhythm according to the time the app saves until the end.

Calmaria actually works when you feel stressed or need mental relaxation.

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