How to take a screenshot in Windows 10

There will be many times when you surf the Internet, either for entertainment or for work, using your Windows 10 based computer Need to take a screenshot or screenshot To save it or remember it for later what you see in that moment. It is very simple and there are various ways to do this.

Screenshot by cropping and drawing app

Windows 10 comes with Apply cropping and drawing Already installed. If you don’t have it because at some point you removed it by cleaning your computer, you should know this Available on the Microsoft Store Free. When you get it, Access from the Windows 10 Start menu and press the “New” button to start the cuts with the so-called cutting bar.

This tape allows you to capture the following types of clips. One side is rectangular, the other is freeform, and the other is full screen. To do this, You will see that when you open “Cut and Draw” and click on “New,” four buttons appear at the top. The first is used to capture a frame on the screen, the second to make a freeform and the third to capture the entire screen. The symbol containing the “x” symbol is used to close the application (although you can also use the “esc” key to exit).

Cutout and draw

You can also select whether you want a screenshot immediately or within a few seconds. Once you’ve cropped an area of ​​the screen, The image will be added to clipboard and you can paste it right away In another application. In addition, when saving to clipboard, a notification will appear that if you click on it, it will take you to “Cut and Draw”.

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Access this function using a keyboard shortcut

The same cropping and drawing feature is available in Windows 10 via a keyboard shortcut. To do this, you must press Windows logo key + SHIFT (or SHIFT) + s to open this modern cutting experience (Also called strip extracts).

When you open this tool in this way, it will take you directly to the square where you can choose whether you want it to be square or freestyle. In this way It avoids selecting the “new” parts found in the previous option When opening the application from Windows startup.

Take a simple screenshot of the entire screen

To print

This is the usual traditional Windows mode. Must Pulsar emergence rate pa (o Impr pa) On the keyboard. Many Windows 10 computers standardly include a button with these letters written on it. It depends on the size of the keyboard, and it can be more or less characters. In English it can be PrtScrn, so some computers may also have this key.

Simply by clicking this button, you will take a screenshot saved in the clipboard. If you don’t want to lose it, Go to Paint, and hit Control + V to paste the clipboard contentss and you can save it then if you want to edit it.

Create an active screenshot

And the Press Alt and Print Screen at the same time you will create a screenshot of the active screen. This means that if you have multiple windows in Windows, you won’t capture everything you see, But only the window or element that you have is on top. This capture remains in the clipboard.

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