In Ukraine, the train stopped for an hour and left without passengers: Events: Travel:

In Ukraine, a train departing from Lvov to Kiev left one of the stations without a portion of passengers. about this in Twitter– Traveler Ekaterina Smetanyuk reported the account.

According to the victim, upon arrival in Lviv, a parking lot was declared “for at least an hour” due to which the trailer was delayed. At the same time, Smetanyuk clarified the information from the conductors several times.

Later, the woman left a bag with things in the carriage, took only a bag, left, and when she returned, the train went. “I started calling the information desk, and they told me to go to the station worker. There was already a crowd at the door, that is to understand what time the train left early.

The angry people were sent to the station worker, who agreed to take their things. Smetanyuk noted that no one specified the phone numbers or passport data of the victims for an accurate release. “That is, the train arrives in Kiev, and people come and disassemble it,” the woman explained.

As a result, it became known that the train was held for 16 passengers on the next flight from Vienna. Acting member of the Board of Directors of “Ukrainian Railways” Oleksandr Bertsovsky blamed everything on the Austrian transport company, which, according to him, arrived earlier than the scheduled time and assured that all things would be delivered to the passengers.

In April, a citizen of Denmark boarded a Ukrainian train and decided to wash the dirty windows of the train with his hands. In the comments, the foreigner said that he used to wipe the windows with wipes, but this time he bought a mop specifically for washing “old and persistent” dirt. “The window is well washed. You need to scrub. And for a long time. “

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