How to get Doom Eternal Makyr Slayer skin DLC

knowledge How to get Eternal torment Makyr Slayer skin DLC Slayer will definitely feature you in Battlemode as well as the campaign. This puts the killer into a career similar to Makyrs (the Angels, mainly) in the campaign. So how do you get it? How do you claim it if it is missing from your stock?

How do you get on Eternal torment Makyr Slayer skin DLC

You can open a file Eternal torment Makyr Slayer skin by purchasing the standalone or add-on editions of The Ancient Gods Part 1 or the Season Pass. It comes with a full range of catwalk cosmetics, platform animations, skins, icons and player badges. You can get it by completing challenges and playing Battlemode (to check your status go to Customize and Slayer and then right to Groups). To equip it, go to your Personalization option from the main menu and you will see each individual option that you can modify.

How to become missing Eternal torment Makyr Slayer skin DLC

But, just like the issues with actual DLC, some players claim they don’t own the Makyr Slayer look even if they purchase the Season Pass or Expansion. There are a few potential ways around this. First, you might want to try waiting around the main menu a bit. Enter and remove some menus and at the end the screen above will appear to inform you of your new skin

However, that may not be all. Even after this appears, it may not be in your stock. You may have to go back to the main menu and then back to the Slayer customization menu. It appears to be an issue with how the game sends the server to check your skin so patience is key.

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But if that doesn’t work, you may have to wait longer. Bethesda Support said they are working on some kind of solution.

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