Harry Styles is learning Italian and sign language

Her Big Weekend appearance on Radio One has been canceled as the future of her upcoming movie Love On Tour hangs in the air amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Harry Styles revealed that he chose Italian and sign language for entertainment purposes while in solitary confinement.

The 25-year-old former One Direction singer, who is currently living with some friends in a “safe little capsule,” said he’s also taking time off his schedule to read books, check up on loved ones, and maintain a health care routine. From leather. .

“The classic quarantine thing!” Harry Styles (pictured last month) learned Italian and sign language in an effort to entertain himself while in solitary confinement during the coronavirus crisis.

In a recent interview with Fenn O’Meally on BBC 1 Xtra, the musician shed some light on his quarantine program: “It’s a little tricky but that’s okay, I’m lucky to be with friends in our safe, self-isolating little pod.

“It’s a weird time but we’re just anxious, listening to music, playing, making masks, you know, classic 1940s stuff!”

“Now is the time to learn a new skill and try a new hobby or something, right?” We only have time. I was learning Italian and taking sign language lessons. I’ve also read and people have reviewed, it really is.

The interview revelation marked his first appearance on 1 Xtra, the hit maker The Sign of The Times who proved safety comes first by joking: “I hope you welcome me again with open hands and purify them!”

Relaxation: The artist said she also took time outside of her busy schedule to read books, check out loved ones, and maintain a healthy skin-care routine (pictured in February)

Harry was supposed to be the title of the station’s Big Weekend festival later this year, but the BBC announced its cancellation amid coronavirus fears.

It is unclear whether the artist will start her world tour next month, as her series of shows will be held in the United Kingdom, North and South America and Australia.

The World Health Organization (WHO) classified the coronavirus as a pandemic last week, and pushed countries like Italy, Spain and China to implement nationwide lockdowns.

104 people died out of 2,626 confirmed cases in the UK on Thursday.

Not happy: Harry was supposed to be the title of the station’s Big Weekend festival by the end of the year, but the BBC announced it was canceled amid coronavirus fears.

Sporting events, music festivals, and other social events have been canceled or postponed due to the crisis.

Elsewhere, former teammate Niall Horan gave fans a look at his home while hosting Roman Kemp and Sonny Jay on FaceTimed Capital Breakfast while self-isolating Thursday.

The 26-year-old Irish Peltr brought the phone into his home, which has a large TV, comfy sofas and a classic piano to help write his songs.

On his quarantine experience, the media personality said: “ I think everyone thinks this is all a bit strange and a bit strange.

Fiction! The 26-year-old Irish Peltr put the phone in his house, which has a large TV, comfortable sofas and a classic piano to help him write his best songs.

“You look at the streets and it’s all empty, it’s just a weird time. In terms of work, it’s obviously tough for me, I just released an album at the worst possible time in human history. But this way we have FaceTime and I can talk to your pretty face.”

He admitted that he had not left his home for a “long time,” and added, “Me I went jogging yesterday, it’s strange to be alone during this period. I need to take back my friends.

Hear Harry’s full interview on 1Xtra Residence on BBC Sounds.

Enjoy Capital Breakfast with Roman Kemp, all days of the week from 6am to 10am across the UK.

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