Indiana Jones turns 40

Celebrate Christmas with TIMGAMES & MOVIES ON TIMVISION (Waiting for Episode 5 of the saga)

Filming of the highly anticipated fifth episode of the Indiana Jones saga has begun at Pinewood Studios in London, the site reports Hollywood Deadline Citing sources close to production.

To take on the role of an archaeologist Henry Walton Jones Jr., known as Indiana JonesThe 78-year-old is back Harrison Ford, under the supervision of James Mangold, Director Logan e Ford vs Ferrari.

Lo affiancheranno Mads Mikkelsen (Another round by Thomas Vinterberg), Phoebe Waller Bridge (Fleabag), Boyd Holbrook (Logan), Shaunette Renee Wilson (the residentand Thomas KretschmannAvengers: Age of Ultron).

Indy, created by George Lucas in honor of the action heroes of the 1930s movie series, debuted in American theaters in 1981. Raiders of the Lost Astronomy. Three more episodes will follow, all directed by Steven Spielberg.

Indiana Jones is a reluctant hero who finds himself battling bad guys while trying to preserve cultural heritage. With his Borsalino leather jacket, whip attached to his leg, clever sense of humor, deep knowledge of ancient civilizations and a real fear of snakes, he became one of the most famous and well-known characters in cinema history.

In 2009, Entertainment Weekly He ranked second on the list of the coolest heroes in pop culture, right behind James Bond and ahead of the likes of Superman, Harry Potter and Spiderman.

Still in June 2020, readers empire They elected him first among the characters who wowed and inspired with their bold actions and words of wisdom on the big screen, this time by beating James Bond as well.

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Waiting for the theatrical release of the next episode of the still top-secret plot, scheduled forقرر 29 July 2022We wonder what will happen to Indy. Will he die like Han Solo? Or will he pass the wand, oops, the whip, to the new lever of archaeology?


In the meantime, let’s celebrate her 40th birthday with Indiana Jones, and leave ourselves far behind on timeless adventures.

for customers TIMVISION All four episodes of the saga are available, all filmed by Steven Spielberg, who is still involved in the new production, along with John Williams, who has worked on all the soundtracks for the franchise for the past 40 years:

Raiders of the Lost Astronomy, 1981 (set in 1936);

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, 1984 (established in 1935);

Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, 1989 (established in 1938);

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal SkullAnd the 2008 (appointed 1957).


To take on the role of an archaeologist with a crooked smile and experience all his adventures firsthand, TIM customers can instead play alone or in company in broadcast times, With LEGO Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures e LEGO Indiana Jones 2: The Adventure Continues.

For fans of epics and bricks, with TIMGAMES the fun is guaranteed.


9 Things You (Probably) Didn’t Know About Indiana Jones

1) The entire movie saga has made money Over $2 billion at the global box office, helping to make Spielberg a legend with a gross of over $10 billion across all career films.

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2) Harrison Ford’s slip In the famous opening sequence of Raiders of the Lost Ark, where Andy must escape from a rolling rock, it was not required, but was kept to make the scene more believable.

3) In a recent interview with BuzzFeed CelebritiesIn answering his favorite line from one of his films, Ford immediately quoted: “It’s not the years, it’s love, it’s the kilometers! “, Give Raiders of the Lost Astronomy, in dialogue between Indy and Marion Ravenwood.

4) If Coronado cross, which young Indy tries to reclaim in the opening scenes of Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, is the only thing the famous archaeologist highlighted during the Quartet that was completely invented.

5) Alexandretta temple, at Indiana Jones and the Last CrusadeIt is, in fact, the mortuary temple of the pharaoh A Petra in Jordan.
Spielberg imagined the temple as the home of the last crusader knight kept inside the chalice that Christ used at the Last Supper, the Holy Grail. However, only the exterior scenes of the temple were filmed at Petra, and the interior scenes in the English studios.

6) In the first three episodes of the saga, Vic Armstrong, to build and features almost a twin brother to Harrison Ford, Situation. However, many of the dangerous scenes were filmed directly by Ford, so much so that Armstrong would have complained about them, recognizing the actor’s innate qualities as a businessman. Will Vic be on duty in Episode 5, too? At the moment it is unknown.

7) though Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull In 1957, in one scene you can see posters of two famous films released in 1958: Infernal Quinlan From Orson e The woman who lived twice From Alfred Hitchcock.

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8) For comic book lovers, epic Additional Adventures of Indiana Jones, produced by Marvel since 1983, has become a cult object: it retraces the initial trilogy, then develops it into 34 new original adventures.

9) If you happen to go to Washington, USA, take a trip to the Smithsonian National Museum of American History: it currently has an Indiana Jones fedora, jacket, and whip.

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