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It was the long and difficult journey that led to the direct adaptation of The Sandman, the sprawling comic book series by Neil Gaiman On Deities who control the various unconscious states of mankind. Exists outside the bounds of reality and according to embodiment Jaiman, these characters can really look like anything or anyone, that is the profound beauty of the British writer and cartoonist.

During Geeked Week, Netflix took fans of The Sandman straight to the set of the TV series.

The clip provides a first look at the British actor Tom Sturridge (On the road) who plays the main character Dream in a scene from the TV series. With Sturridge They’ll go down in history too Gwendolyn Christie in the role of Lucifer, Charles Dance Come Roderick Burgess, Vivian Achimbon In the role of Lucien, Buddy Holbrook like the Corinthian, Asim Choudary like Abel and Sanjeev Bhaska in the role of Cain. The full cast with new additions was recently confirmed by Netflix.

Co-author of amazing woman Alan Heinberg He is the show maker, writer and executive producer of the show. Neil Gaiman e David S. Joyer In addition to the roles of screenwriters, they are executive producers.

There are no official dates yet regarding the appearance of The Sandman, but it may arrive by the end of 2021 or the beginning of 2022 in Netflix.

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