Grandma wins the lottery and shares the prize with the cashier who sold her the ticket | Video

To win the lottery It is one of the great wishes of many people, but the work of a Grandma She went around the world with a great lesson because she bought a ticket and decided Prize split With the cashier who sold it to you.

The story happened in United State In early 2022, when Marion Forrest, 86I went to a convenience store where I walked out with a lottery ticket that I had bought at the encouragement of the cashier.

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According to media such as the Good News Movement, the cashier, named Walter, encouraged Marion to buy the ticket, arguing that it was better to try than to do nothing, and then leave everything to chance.

However, Marion Walter promised that if she won “cI will love itAnd he’ll come back to share the money, because the ticket was his Jackpot $500,000.

Granny Divides Award

A week after she had bought the ticket at the insistence of the cashier, Grandma came back and the moment Walter announced that she was The winner of a part equivalent to 300 dollars, Spread on social media.

In the video you can see the woman entering the store with her Two balloons as a gift More for Walter, who, upon hearing the news of his victory, did not hesitate to get excited.

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Grandma hands Walter an envelope with money 150 dollarsHalf the prize. The cashier thanked Marion and went out to where she was on the other side of the table to hug her for her generosity.

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