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In the first decade of January United States of America Held a specialized exhibition those. Representatives of the search giant Google were not present in person. Due to the spread of a new strain of the virus, it was shown in the exhibition approx. Google employees told the general public about the company’s plans to develop the Android software platform in 2022. It follows from the presentation that Google decided to borrow some useful “chips” from Apple, he writes Prostomop.

Quick pairing. With the Fast Pair function, the headphones can be connected to a smartphone via the Bluetooth wireless interface with just one click. Google developers plan to use it to pair devices with Google TV and Android TV. In addition, Google IoT devices will begin to support the Matter protocol, which will increase the pairing speed.

Unlock laptops and smartphones with smart watches
Owners of Wear OS 3 smartwatches will be able to unlock Chromebooks and Android smartphones with them, similar to the iPhone and Apple Watch. In addition, users will be able to sync Android smartphones with Chromebook laptops.

Share data between devices in the Google ecosystem
In 2022, the developers of the search giant intend to implement the possibility of exchanging data between devices that are part of the Google ecosystem. For example, when watching a movie with headphones on a tablet, an incoming phone call from a smartphone will automatically be forwarded. Instead of the movie’s audio track, the user will hear the caller’s voice in the headphones. After the call ends, the movie will continue to play.

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In addition, the Android software platform will begin to support spatial audio. Its operation options depend on the position of the user’s head.

Sync Android smartphones with PC on Windows
In 2022, owners of Android smartphones will be able to sync them with their Windows PCs. Intel Corp. has become. HP and Acer are already involved in this project.

Google Assistant upgrade
Google has announced the expansion of the functionality of its branded virtual assistant. Soon, car owners will be able to use the Google Assistant to unlock the car, heat the power plant, get data, and more.

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