Genshin Impact fails to protect players’ phone numbers in a major security vulnerability

Several players are reporting this Jinshin effect It does not properly protect the privacy of their phone numbers as the Mihoyo developer allegedly failed to monitor their numbers. This means that some players who register for the game on iOS or Android may be subject to revealing their full phone number.

Jinshin effect It is a free JRPG that has been running for several months. Recently, it was released in the West and became very popular; A handful of new characters were recently revealed in a leak before it could be officially confirmed ahead of patch 1.1 release. Now, it turns out that Mihoyo might not have the best account security for some mobile carriers.

why is that Jinshin effect Phone number security error is a problem

Usually the password recovery form monitors the player’s email address or phone number. For example, email [email protected] The screen may appear as a gi ******[email protected]; Likewise, the phone number 123-456-7890 will appear as 12 * – *** – ** 90. Unfortunately, players in many countries have reported this. Jinshin effect Censorship of phone numbers does not work in some regions. This means that full phone numbers are shown, theoretically allowing users to enter generic usernames and have account phone numbers linked to their numbers.

Discussion about Reddit The player who tried to recover his password only starts to discover that the account recovery page was displaying his full phone number. Several other players from Australia, Asia and the European Union have reported that their phone numbers appear similarly on the account recovery page; However, other players – most notably in Indonesia and other unnamed EU countries – say their phone numbers are she Properly controlled.

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Based on player reports so far, it appears that some countries may not have censored phone numbers on the account recovery page while others do. Unsupervised phone numbers can be problematic for two reasons: A malicious representative can contact you without asking or sell your phone number to a third party. There will likely be a more technically skilled hacker Intercept your SMS messages Thus accessing your account.

Fortunately, this issue appears to be limited to a few countries and only to players who signed up for the game with a phone number instead of an email. Mihoyo demonstrated a willingness to respond to players’ complaints about technical issues; Earlier this year, it changed the way the computer’s anti-cheat system works following player feedback. Players are currently contacting Mihoyo in an effort to resolve this issue as soon as possible.

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