“Fauci disaster”: Trump discredits the Covid expert in a campaign staff call – Mubasher | US News

Away from their candidate and television cameras, some of Mr. Trump’s aides are quietly acknowledging the seriousness of his political ordeal, and his inner circle has returned to a state of recrimination and backbiting. Mark MeadowsThe White House chief of staff, blaming the angry president and some political advisors for his handling of Mr Trump’s recent hospitalization, is seen as unlikely to keep his job after Election Day.

Mr. Trump’s campaign manager, Bill Stephen, I kept the top Republicans The president has a way forward in the race but sometimes admits it’s tight. …

Less than three weeks before Election Day, there is now an unusual chasm separating Mr. Trump’s campaign experience from the more realistic political assessments of several party officials and clients, according to interviews with nearly a dozen Republican strategists and White House allies. And elected officials. Among some of Mr Trump’s aides, there is an attitude of audacity mixed with resignation: a feeling that the best they can do in the final stage is to keep the president as busy and happy as possible off Twitter as possible, rather than producing a major shift in strategy.

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