Entertainment as a solution to empty shops in the UK on BBC

Entertainment as a solution to empty shops in the UK on BBC

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Entertainment can be part of the solution for British stores that are emptying quickly.

The UK has lost 83 per cent of its supermarkets over the past five years – a trend that has recently accelerated due to the impact of the pandemic, but especially because of the rise in online retail sales. A report on the BBC News website outlines the findings of the new research into the steep decline in supermarkets from 2016 to the present. In particular, the survey showed that the country has 237 supermarkets that have not yet been taken over by a new company. In some parts of the world, particularly in the United States, major FECs have been developed into large former supermarkets such as Burn. The report mentions elderly men British House Stores In Edinburgh, it closed in 2016 and transformed with a series of separate initiatives, a hotel, offices and bowling centre. Suggestions in search include boutique cinema, food court or other forms of entertainment.
Entertainment is one of the new roles of redundant stores Bill Grimsey – former leader of three major high street chains who conducted three reports on the future of urban centers – He thinks it could be a solution

“You can no longer rely on retail for city centers and main streets as the main attraction, because of technology, because of the Internet. You have to reinvent these places for something else because we are social animals and we need a place to gather and it will not be just stores,” the expert explains. Providing the perfect combination of health, education, leisure, entertainment, arts and crafts as well as housing for new retail stores.

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