Under Zero (Bajocero): Luis Cowles’ new Netflix thriller that tries to find the soul of the 1970s

Below is Zero, on the popular streaming platform Netflix from January 29, 2021. Also known by the Spanish title for Pajocero It is a thriller film directed by the director Lewis CoylesHis second feature film. The film in question was produced in collaboration with Fernando Navarro and with an interpretation Javier Gutierrez, Alex Munier, and Patrick. With this same cinematic producer, welcomed by the famous broadcast platform after the troubles caused by filmmaking in cinemas, the Spanish director, with his second film producer produced during his career, is trying to restore the exciting atmosphere and movement that was particularly important in the 1970s And the eighties of the last century, thanks to some specific characters like Steven Spielberg and John Carpenter.

The movie in question, which looks like a real road movie, is based on a seemingly simple plot. However, it does feature the critically acclaimed thriller that can be watched in 190 countries on Netflix starting January 29, 2021. Here’s everything you need to know about it. Below zero, It talks about the plot, actors, and other facts that directly and indirectly related to the film’s producer himself.

Below Story Zero and the Netflix release

As mentioned earlier, the Subzero plot It is not particularly complicated from a purely construction point of view; However, it is based on a series of elements that seek to return the filmmaker to those atmospheres observed in 1970s and 1980s of world cinema, By looking at some of the targeted contributions that included names like Steven Spielberg and John Carpenter In particular, the thriller that presents itself through a soul on the road, is based on a plot that takes place inside a secluded road, in which a prison transportation is attacked, and no one knows who.

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Martin, the protagonist of the movie, is a policeman who drives a vehicle that was the target of the attack. By being able to survive, he will begin his cinematic adventure, which will lead him to clash with scammers and attackers trying, in every way, to obtain his death and destroy his work site. The 106-minute movie can be watched inside Netflix streaming platform in 190 countries around the world, Starting January 29, 2021. On this date it was released simultaneously by Netflix in all countries participating in the Streaming Platform Initiative.

It is clear that the film was originally designed for release and screening in theaters, but not excluding the possibility of doing so in the future, it was included in Netflix’s catalog of issues related to the Coronavirus pandemic, which would have particularly complicated the fate of the Spanish director Lluis Quilez, on the second movie assignment.

Cast di below zero

And it was the director himself who spoke about it, explaining that despite a negative attitude to the lack of screening in cinemas, the feeling of the film certainly will not be lost, because the director himself Barcelona He has also been shaped and above all in films that he has had the opportunity to see inside so many films TV channels or by buying videos for rent In the video store in his neighborhood. That way, the director from Barcelona explains, it will be possible to enjoy a movie even if the cinema decisions are definitely different. Speaking of Under Zero cast, the names involved in the movie are as follows:

  • Javier Gutierrez: Martin
  • Cara Eligaldi: Miguel
  • Luis Caligo: Ramis
  • Andres Gertrudeux: Gollum
  • Isaac Ferrez: Montesinos
  • Edgar Vitorino: Rei
  • Mikel Gillbert: Bardot
  • Florin Upritsco: Mihai
  • Alex Munner: Chinese
  • Patrick’s creation: Nano
  • Carla Chiurazzo: Barbara
  • Eva Mangon: Elena
  • Angel Solo
  • Mark Badroe
  • John Rudd
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What can be seen in less than zero?

At this point, he also provided all the information that was published by the Spanish production of Below zero, It is possible to look at some of the key limitations that drive the filmmaker made Lewis Coyles; The film in question was produced on the basis of a script that the director wrote with Fernando Navarro The film, in the title role, introduces a seemingly ordinary man, who practices the profession of policeman in charge of taking prisoners and transporting them from one prison to another; In City in the Darkness, the movie’s adventure begins in a particularly rhythmic fashion, in an effort to respect the purely prevailing truths that drive the thriller the movie aims to fulfill.

However, the movie shows a real escalation of feelings and emotions that can be seen on screen; Consequently, the adrenaline and positive emotions generated by the movie would increase in noticing the same. The conclusion of the film can be defined by many professionals as Particularly complex and controversialAnd also vague. Sure, this was one more reason to appreciate a cinematic producer who tries to transcend the natural perspectives of an action movie, and also takes many decisions that have driven some directors in the last century to achieve celebrities and major successes; After all, one of the fundamentals of those same names has been the generation of constant discussions and debates, and Pajocero is certainly nothing short of that meaning.

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