Daylight saving time is offered at the weekend: experts advise to get used to the body in advance –

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Weekends offer summer time: experts advise to get used to it in advance. Photography by Elta

Andrius Žiukelis, head of expertise at BTA insurance company, says that after analyzing traffic accident statistics in the past few years, it was observed that most traffic accidents are recorded not in the first days after spring, but in the middle of the week.

“Sundays tend to be quieter after a while, and people seem to be trying to take advantage of the day’s shortness for passive rest. However, from Monday, the number of accidents started to rise, peaking on Tuesday and Wednesday, and a similar level of incidents continued until the end of So, we’d better be very careful on the street and at the wheel so that both our body and road traffic adapt to the new system. After a while, the human body gets used to the new era and everything returns to the old tracks again, “he says. a. Siocles.

According to him, only 2020 stands out from the past few years, when a larger jump in accidents was not recorded due to the quarantine that strongly modified movement within the country.

We “cross” the time zone at night

Insurance companies note that after reversing time, certain traffic accident conditions become more frequent. “We have noticed that over time the number of traffic accidents increases while parking several times, and more accidents happen when reversing or crashing into the rear of another car. There are definitely people who don’t change the rhythm of the time the whole day, so drivers and other road users are distracted,” Perhaps they will not sleep in a hurry, and therefore do not appreciate all circumstances, ”explains A. Siocles.

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Many people, doctors, and scientists claim that time spent can have a negative effect on well-being – restlessness, stress, and difficulty concentrating. Researchers at the University of Colorado in the US conducted a study that found that in the first week after the springtime reversal, the US scored 6 percent. More serious accidents. This conclusion was reached after analyzing approximately 733 thousand. Traffic accidents 1996-2017. The ratios would likely be higher if investigators analyzed not only critical accidents but all other recorded incidents.

Various scientific studies show that the negative effects of temporal change on the human body are most apparent in the early days, but adaptation can take up to two weeks. According to A. iukelis, company statistics show that the highest accident risk falls in the first week.

Some scientists even describe the shift of time as a small crossing of time zones, comparing it to the temporary changes in well-being and sleep caused by flying a plane across time zones.

Drowsiness can offset the effects of alcohol

A. iukelis says that the main problem after reversing springtime is reduced sleep time and the resulting fatigue, distraction and sleepiness. In addition to all of these aspects, drivers’ patience may be tested this year by slightly higher car traffic in cities as students return to school. According to the insurance expert, we are gradually returning to reality as congestion almost always forms in the city streets.

After time, many complain of feeling sleepy for some time. “This situation is very dangerous: the speed of decision-making slows down, reaction time increases, and it becomes difficult to focus and measure all conditions correctly. It is no coincidence that expert driving drowsiness is often linked to alcohol intoxication,” says A. Siocelis.

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