Infonavit: How to get a loan to buy a home from the United States

Immigrants will have access to credit. (Image: Pixabay)

Immigrants residing in the United States will have another option to help their families in Mexico, because with the help of the National Housing Fund Institute for Workers (Infinavit), Immigrants will be able to obtain home financing despite the distance.

Together with IME, they will be looking for more families Obtaining a home with loans that can be adapted to their needs, Therefore, they signed an agreement to boost the funding, programs, and schemes that Infonavit gives to their families in Mexico.

“Those who have an account with the institute thanks to the Infonavit Act reform – which the president published last December – will also be able to be subject to the accreditation regardless of whether they live in the United States.Said Carlos Martinez, Infonavit General Manager.

In this sense, both institutions will work to enhance the material resources and allocate them through the consular network, to provide housing solutions adapted to the needs of Immigrants.

The two institutes signed an agreement in favor of the families.  (Image: Pixabay)
The two institutes signed an agreement in favor of the families. (Image: Pixabay)

According to the institutes, Through the Infonavit law reform, inactive workers with savings in the sub-housing account will be sought to purchase a home.

What is a sub-housing account?

Remember that The sub-housing account is the fund That is created through the contributions that employers make during their working lives. The resources are the property of the worker and can be used as he needs.

Last year, the call was approved Infonavit Act, Through which the beneficiaries will be able to benefit from this fund they have in the housing sub-account and have access to some of the following alternatives.

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* Purchase of land.

* Request money to build or remodel a space.

* Use savings as collateral to get a credit license with Infonavit.

* With the initiative, the money that was saved can be delivered directly and without intermediaries, until the interested party decides what he wants to do with it.

For his part, the Secretary for External Relations said, Marcelo Ebrard He was a witness during the meeting of the two institutes and confirmed that the coordinated work between them represents an important advance in the care of Mexican families.

Both institutions will devote resources to providing housing solutions.  (Image: Pixabay)
Both institutions will devote resources to providing housing solutions. (Image: Pixabay)

In addition, to date, the program has been announced Infonavit without limits More than seven thousand Mexican immigrants were allowed in United States of America Pay off his or his family’s mortgage that resulted in transfers of more than 203.4 million pesos.

It is important to note that the Infonavit without Borders program creates a series of benefits for Mexicans who took out a loan in Mexico but later had to reside in the United States.

For this reason, citizens living in the neighboring country have the option to pay off their mortgage loan, as well as the option of relatives or a third party.

In November 2020 alone, 72,267 transactions were recorded through more than 1,000 agents in 37 states of the American Union, which are part of remittance companies DoIEX, Maxitransfers and Intercambio Express.

In order to maintain the monthly payment for their current credits, citizens will be able to take advantage of the scheme.

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How can they make their payments?

* The citizen must go to one of the three companies or remittance companies mentioned above that are contracted with.

* You will have to provide a 10-digit credit number.

* Finally, deposit in the dollar corresponding to the monthly payment, but it will depend on the exchange rate of the day.

The process is available for those in the Extraordinary Contribution Scheme, where borrowers must make the monthly payment through a direct deposit to Infonavit.

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