Do not be fooled! This was the biggest cryptocurrency scam done on Twitter by fake Elon Musk

Fever Digital currenciesEspecially Bitcoin, It caused hackers to devise elaborate methods to deceive people, like the story of Sebastian, the man who lost $ 560,000 when a man impersonated Elon Musk at Twitter.

The victim told the BBC how he got into the bitcoin scam. It all started when Sebastian, a 42-year-old German, saw a mysterious tweet from its owner Tesla s SpaceX.

Referring to the cryptocurrency, the man recounted: “Mask tweeted ‘Dojo 4 Doge’.” Dogecoin Promoted by musk. Sebastian says: “There was a link to a new event, so I clicked on it and saw that it was awarding bitcoins ??

The fraud victim said he then followed the link to a seemingly legitimate website, where the bitcoin gift appeared to be in full swing.

The proposal invited participants to send in up to 20 Bitcoins (more than $ 1 million) and promised them to double them Money.

Sebastian made sure the letter had the blue logo for Check TwitterWhich was actually fake, besides Elon Musk’s name, so he decided to send $ 560K, 10 Bitcoins.

Sebastian has no doubts about Fraud, Because it is so Fraudsters They posted responses with a profile nearly identical to Elon Musk’s photo, but the money never came back.

It was then that he realized it was a scam and that he had lost his pension fund.

The BBC, citing the BBC, said this was the largest amount lost in a single deal Whale alert Which tracks cryptocurrency transactions.

Fraudsters already made $ 18 million in the first three months of this year, which is diminishing the $ 16 million they made in the 12 months of 2020, according to Whale Alert.

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Although emails to the phishing site and messages to Fake Twitter account Elon MuskNothing can be done. It’s been three weeks and Sebastian almost quits because his lost crypto money is gone forever.


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