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Can Muslim girls dye their hair? When the daughter of a Sharia scholar asked her father, she did not agree. When I asked another legal scholar, he said, “I don’t mind dyeing.” Why is it a different answer? Religious scholar Hiromi Shimada explains. (second / third in total)

*This article was written by Hiromi ShimadaReligious Hospitality Guide](Chuko Shinsho Rakure) Re-edited fragment.

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A book taught by an American journalist from a scholar of Islamic law

A few years ago, an editor I know asked me about Bunji Chungu. He wants you to read a draft of an unpublished English-language book and give your opinion on whether it’s worth publishing.

the book is”If the oceans were inkIt was called “by Karla Bauer”.

The writer is an American and a journalist, but while working at the Oxford Center for Islamic Studies in the United Kingdom, he met a person named Muhammad Akram Nadwi, a scholar of Islamic law, and studied with him the “Quran”. It was this book that explained what I went through in the process.

I started reading the draft of the book at once, but it was fun and I read it all at once. He told the editor it was worth publishing, and introduced the translators to the Junior Religious Studies Lab.

Announced September 2015Really what is written in the Qur’an?^ (Karla Bauer, translated by Yoshiko Akiyama) Published by Bunji Shonjo.

A scholar of Islamic law named Akram, born in India, was studying the achievements of women scholars in Islam, as his nickname Nadewi indicates. The author’s power also moved with him to India, Akram’s hometown.

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The daughter of a Sharia scholar said I want to dye my hair.

When I read this book, I was particularly impressed with the episode.

In Islam, unlike Catholic Christianity and Buddhism, there is no priest who has renounced the secular life. There is no priest or monk.

Therefore, the world of Islamic law is the most honorable person who is defiled, married and lives a family life. I have six children, but they were all girls.

One of my daughters wants to dye her hair. So I asked my father. Isn’t hair dyeing inconsistent with Islamic law?

His father, Akram, is by no means a fundamentalist. When my daughter wears a niqab with a slit in her eyes and tries to go to school, she carefully checks whether it was her intention. Akram believes he does not have to wear the niqab.

However, he did not agree to dye his hair.

My daughter really wanted to dye her hair.

so what happened?

The daughter went to a different scholar of Islamic law than her father and inquired about her opinion. Then the scholar of Islamic law said that it is okay to dye his hair. There, she was able to dye her hair.

It’s like asking another doctor for a second opinion, but it’s an interesting episode that shows the character of Islam. I have such an impression.

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