Economy Minister Wittenberg: In the future, the electric charging network should become more dense throughout the country

The station, unlike the other, is located in a covered area, seven electric cars can be charged at the same time, and two of the outlets are DC with a capacity of 25 kW. The five AC outlets have a capacity of 22 kW. The number of outlets available at the same time is currently only in the main building of the company Latvenergo on Pulkveža Briea Street, but the shopping center is visited by an incomparable number of people daily.

Guntars Baččūns, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Latvenergo AS: “We want people to change their habits and switch to electric cars. To do that, the infrastructure is important. You have to realize that you will be able to charge the car and there will be no problem. This is half the solution to see more electric cars in Streets “.

Latvian Economy Minister Yannis Wittenbergs also praised the creation of such an ambitious complex of electric mobility infrastructure.

“In the future, this network will have to become more dense across the country in order for electric vehicles to be used in traffic without concern, until there is no concern that the battery will not be rechargeable and cannot be resolved,” Wittenberg says.

“Nowadays, collaboration is one of the key elements of business development. We have the knowledge, and it is important for Spice to attract customers and know that they will be satisfied,” adds Guntars Balčūns

The new station is located almost at the entrance to the supermarket, which is really convenient. The unusually large number of outlets, in turn, allays electric vehicle users’ fears that the only major component will be occupied.

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Nowadays, the pace is changing so fast that you need to be able to do so many things at once and this is her great opportunity – to shop and have a car shipped!

Despite the growing interest in electric cars in Latvia, many are refraining from buying due to the high prices. State support, which we hope for in 2022, will be very useful here.

“The program envisions that individuals can receive up to 5,000 new cars from the state for the purchase of electric cars, for legal entities this will be a complex measure of 30% of park costs,” says Latvian Minister of Economy, Wittenbergs.

To use the Elektrum brand charging points, it is necessary to download the application. Unlike e-mobi charging stations, where you have to pay for charging time, here the user pays for kilowatt-hours.

So far, though, there aren’t many visitors, and most ports use Fiqsy’s shared network vehicles.

“The moment the infrastructure is fully loaded, the machines will be standing next to each other, then we will be successful in this business. As long as the station is empty, the situation is not always favorable, but we believe there will be customers, and with that in mind, we are creating Infrastructure,” Guntars Baļčūns is optimistic.

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Economy Minister Wittenberg: In the future, the electric charging network should become more dense throughout the country

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