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China urges Russia to stand up Same “battle line”To counter the “unbridled actions” of the United States, ahead of the Russia-US summit in Geneva (Switzerland), according to South China Morning Newspaper in 5.6.
Contact Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi during the meeting telegraph With his Russian counterpart Sergei Lavrov on June 4, according to a statement issued by the Chinese Foreign Ministry.

Accordingly, Mr. Wang told Mr. Lavrov that the United States formed small groups “under the guise of democracy, using human rights as a pretext to interfere in the internal politics of other countries, and exercising unity” under the banner of pluralism.

He convinced the Chinese foreign minister that China and Russia, as “responsible powers and permanent members of the United Nations Security Council, should jointly expose and stand up to these bold acts.”

“We should firmly advocate for the United Nations-centric and rules-based order and order, and uphold equity, justice and pluralism,” Wang said.

Russian Ambassador: G7 brings Russia and China closer

In addition, Wang called for strengthening bilateral anti-epidemic cooperation, including having common testing standards, data exchange, scientific research, border control and certification recognition. Health Citizens of the two countries.
In addition, Foreign Minister Lavrov thanked for his frankness in discussing the origin COVID-19. The phone call came less than two weeks before the meeting between Russian President Vladimir Putin and US President Joe Biden in Geneva (Switzerland).

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