Appearing again, Joseph Paul Zhang now attacks and challenges the Joss Sapphire debate


Minister of Religion (Manaj) Yakut Shellil QamasI think that’s done Joseph Paul Chang Alias ​​Shindy Paul Soerjomoelyono claiming that the 26th Prophet led to blasphemy. Paul Chang’s response to the statement of the Minister of Religion.

“Minister Josh Yaqout, the minister had to say something like,“ Well Paul, I work for GKI Jasmine and other churches that are closed, but you stop, don’t talk like that. “Oh yeah, I’ll definitely stop, that means I will. There is real work,” Paul said in the YouTube video as we saw. DetecomTuesday (4/20/2021).

Paul also claimed to be more pancasila than the sapphire goose. He said this when he confessed to being accused of being anti-Pancasila.

Starting Paul We talk about hoaxes as being runaway. Then he said lying is the fruit of religion.

“It turns out I can be contacted. Right, I am not a protection operations officer, and it is not difficult to contact me. What is the problem? This means that you are educating the Indonesian people to believe in hoaxes. This is the fruit of religion, deception. Religion is born out of hoaxes.”

“It is different from God. Try what the first principle of Pancasila looks like, not religion, oh my God. How many times have we studied Pancasila. There have been people who accused me of being against Pancasila. I am Pancasila more than you who pray like crazy. I am more Pancasila than Jus Yacout .. Truth thinks I’m more Pancasila than a sapphire joss. “

In this show, Paul also had the opportunity to challenge Joss Yakut to discuss religion.

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“It was my mistake when I criticized myself and considered myself a prophet and corrected the teachings of the Prophet before me. I am not wrong, this is my interpretation. If I am wrong, let us argue with me if he (the Prophet) said Paul:“ Muhammad is not at fault. ”

Additionally, he also commented on the statement of the President of the Indonesian Church Association (PGI), Jumar Gultum, who questioned the title of Pastor. Paul insists he has a priest’s testimony.

“But earlier, a PGI person, I read a biblical verse from the Bible, if faith must be done. Then Mr. Jomar Gaultum” Paul is not a PGI “, yes I really thought, Who are you? I want to be a prophet, I want to be. The priest, I like him, who prevents him, so if I say “the priest,” there is something more, I wrote the priest in the testimony, “he said.

He added, “Yes, Mr. Goltum has the right to say a false prophet, and I also do not know him, so why show my credibility, you have no work either.”

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Watch the video “Police: Investigators can take Joseph Paul Zhang to Germany”:

[Gambas:Video 20detik]

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