Australian Open: Naomi Osaka excels! Brady’s back too late

Jennifer Brady (left) challenges Naomi Osaka in the Australian Open final.

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In the Australian Open final, Naomi Osaka meets surprise champion Jennifer Brady. Who will win the first major championship this year? live tape.

  • Australian Open: Women’s Final – Naomi Osaka (Japan) – Jennifer Brady (USA), Saturday, 9:30 a.m.
  • Naomi Osaka could win her fourth Grand Slam – Jennifer Brady her first.
  • We accompany the game in the live tape.

+++ UPDATE +++

Australian Open/Der Damen Final: Naomi Osaka – Jennifer Brady

Naomi Osaka (Japan) 6 6
Jennifer Brady (USA) 4 3

6-3 Osaka: Out! past! Naomi Osaka wins her fourth Grand Slam title! Except for the small weakness at the end, very confident performance, the Japanese were the best player. Brady never quite got along with the fast pace of third place. The Australian Open has its first weekend champion – Naomi Osaka! And who will be the second? We follow the men’s final in the live broadcast.

5-3 Osaka: Brady, stay tuned. Now Osaka is serving the match. Do you get that big flutter?

5-2 Osaka: The Japanese remain calm. At least she makes fewer mistakes than Brady, it’s not as convincing as it was at the beginning of the sentence, it plays a little negatively. That’s enough anyway – and now she’s on the verge of victory.

4-2 Osaka: Brady has the upper hand now. Osaka is now focused on the next service match – an important one. The fans are also playing a role now, of course they want to see more of the match. That’s why they cheer for the stranger so loudly.

4-1 Osaka: Tennis wouldn’t be tennis if it didn’t change things up again. Brady is now playing a less liberated role because she has absolutely nothing left to lose. And a lot is happening between the ears in Osaka. Is this the start of a big comeback?

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4-0 Osaka: Next break! Is this the initial decision? Brady can’t handle the pace of Osaka’s base business – she’s usually late. The third seed in the world reaches his second title at the Australian Open.

3-0 Osaka: Consistently high level now of the Japanese. It sounds obvious – but it’s just a break. Brady hasn’t been defeated yet, but she has to get better.

2-0 Osaka: Stop! Well, now it can go really fast. Brady shouldn’t let himself down now, even if she’s clearly the inferior player. Now the Japanese appear, and the arm is free – explaining why she is such an outstanding player.

Group B – 1-0 Osaka: In the first serve game it’s 30-30 – but then two very powerful serves come from Osaka. The favorite takes the lead again.

Australian Open – Women’s Final: Osaka wins the first set with a massive finish

6-4 Osaka: The first sentence goes to the Japanese! Brady serves a lot better, but Osaka shoots early and puts a lot of pressure on. In the end, she was a bit lucky because a defensive ball falls exactly on the baseline – Brady makes the mistake. BREAK IN TIME – What an important point for third place in the world!

5-4 Osaka: It’s a big fight now. Not a high class game, but the rallies are very competitive. Osaka can’t build her highs yet, but she eventually won by a narrow margin in her service game. Now comes the crucial stage of the sentence. What does Brady do?

4-4: Brady’s long service game. She has to put in a lot of force because she has to always get past the second serve. There are no free points. But with some powerful ground strikes, it secures the game.

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3-4 Osaka: Clear box for Osaka. Both players are now making fewer mistakes, which can be a pretty impressive sentence.

3-3: Brady wins her service game to zero and confirms the fracture. And this is despite the fact that the first transmission has not yet come.

3-2 Osaka: clear trend? Very powerful answer from Brady! The American is doing better now and can engage Osaka for longer runs. In the end, I used my first break ball because Osaka hit a backhand into the net. Everything opens again!

3-1 Osaka: Brady loses her serve completely, and Osaka ends up on the break. The American still looks a little nervous. The first sentence takes a clear direction.

2-1 Osaka: A very focused start for the Japanese. Brady hasn’t gotten a payout at all yet.

1-1: Osaka had absolutely no problems in her first match, while Brady has to make his debut several times. In the end, you take the game.

0-0: The match begins! Who will win the Australian Open 2021?

Update from Feb 20 9.40am: Osaka and Brady at Center Court at Rod Laver Arena, preparing to warm up. An amazing career in which the actors go through a kind of hall of fame for previous winners. Pure goosebumps! The audience creates an atmosphere that sports fans only know from stories.

Update from Feb 20 9:36 a.m.: The start was a little late. Spierlerinnen is currently still in the catacombs.

Update from Feb 20, 9:20 a.m.: The Australian Open Women’s Final begins in ten minutes. Did Naomi Osaka win her fourth major? She is a favorite against Jennifer Brady today. Both players know only the attack – it will be an entertaining game. We live there.

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First report from February 19: MELBOURNE – Once again a grand slam final surprise – there has been a shortage of top players who have been dominant in women’s tennis in recent years. Jennifer Brady reached the final at the Australian Open* for the first time, and her last opponent, Naomi Osaka, has done so many times. The Japanese could win their fourth Grand Slam title in Melbourne.

Australian Open: Women’s Final on live tape – Brady challenges Osaka

Brady was already a semi-finalist at the US Open, so she’s not exactly a newcomer. In the semi-finals, she defeated the Czech Karolina Muchova, in the final, Naomi Osaka, who is now ranked third in the world, is waiting.

In the draw so far, Brady has avoided a duel with the absolute best player – which is why the Japanese are clearly the favourites. She defeated tennis queen Serena Williams in the semi-finals in straight sets.

Australian Open: Women’s Final Live Broadcast – Final with German participation بمشاركة

So far, the two have met twice, and Osaka has won both matches. The American has gone one step further since the last duel in September. Her German coach Michael Geiserer was not completely uninvolved. The guy from Regensburg has been coaching the 25-year-old for a year and a half. “I rarely work well and methodically,” Brady says. Geiserer previously coached Julia Gorges, who is now ending her career.

We are looking for a successor to Sofia Kenin who managed to lift the trophy in Melbourne last year, Saturday morning German time. “I’m definitely going to be nervous,” Brady declared before the match at Rod Laver Arena. I hope he’s not too nervous. (epp) * is part of the Ippen Editorial Network.

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