Why was tennis star Novak Djokovic not allowed to come to Australia while others were allowed? – Tennis

in the case Novak Djokovic (34) Events are rolling in!

The Australian authorities, ranked number one in the world, did not allow entry into Australia late on Wednesday evening, and she should be expelled. The Serbian is currently in a hotel, and is awaiting a hearing on Monday to decide whether he can stay in Australia.

why allowed TennisNovak Djokovic (34) will not enter the country despite the medical exemption, but others will?

According to Australian journalist Paul Skal of “The Age” on Twitter, Djokovic was said to have provided very few documents when he entered the country. His medical exemption is said to have only been confirmed by a doctor. However, the regulations for exception rules state that applications must be checked twice.

Sakal also reported that there were no problems with three other players (names unknown) who were given medical exemption, because the evidence was more detailed than Djokovic.

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