An unusual video of a dog riding a motorcycle in Medellin

Motorcycle dog

All kinds of reactions produced a video in social networks where a dog drives a motorcycle through the streets of Medellin, Colombia.

The curious video, which spreads on social networks, shows how A dog drives a motorbike through the southern streets of Antioquia, while a man goes to barbecue.

Photos, taken by other drivers on what will be one of Medellin’s main roads to the south, show how The dog is riding a motorcycle while the man is barbecuing.

The dog drives the motorcycle

This person behaves normally, as if he is just another driver, and is even smoking a cigarette while the animal is riding a semi-automatic motorcycle.

Among the strangest videos that were recorded at night, It is that the dog has motorcycle goggles.

Likewise, the barbecue, who wears a helmet, while complying with safety regulations, Hold the animal for a few moments for extra protection.

“What is partner level” is heard from the vehicle in which the video was recorded.

It is not known when the video was recorded, but it was shared on social media on Friday evening.

The authorities did not rule on the matter, but this scene would be in violation of traffic rules, As barbecue life will be in danger, as will drivers and other pedestrians.

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