An economist mocks the utopian “all brothers”

An economist mocks the utopian "all brothers"

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Rome (ChurchMilitant.comA prominent Italian economist mocks Pope Francis’ general message All brothers It is not at all inspired by the thought of Saint Francis of Assisi, but rather by the satirical novel The virtuous city By St. Thomas More. “

All brothers He was widely criticized for his left-wing ideology

But St. Thomas More writes The virtuous cityHe was joking, not being serious, “says Professor Ituri Guti Tedeschi, a contributor to the Papal Letter of Pope Benedict XVI. Charity is the truth And the former president of Vatican Bank.

He speaks in Rome on Wednesday at a conference entitled “Poveri Tutti” – a satirical title of Francis All brothers – Tedeschi said that “economics is not a science” and “economics is nothing but a tool that should serve human needs”.

However, “for this very reason it can be used not to please them, but to intimidate and influence,” he noted.

A man-made utopia versus the kingdom of God

Tedeschi warned:

When economics is used for “political” purposes, it can be lured into creating utopias. If economics is used for “ethical” purposes and creates a utopia incorporated into the teaching of the Church, there is a risk that this utopia will become a heresy.

All this is in stark contrast to Pope Benedict Charity is the truth, Who knows that when things do not work, it is not the tools that need change but the human heart. If the church proposes utopia rather than human conversion, we can expect to become “all the poor” – both economically and spiritually.

Juan Miguel Montes, Director of Tradition, Family and Property (TFP) in Rome, who organized the conference, told the Church Militant that “Poveri Tutti hopes to expose both the absurdities and the dangers of All brothers. “

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Economically, it would turn us all into beggars – and the socialist utopia proved this amply.

“The Encyclical has been accused of indulging in an absurd fantasy, trying to create a man-made utopia as a substitute for the kingdom of God. This is absurd and dangerous because history teaches us that such attempts have always failed catastrophically, resulting not in utopia but in GulagMontes warned.

Theologically, this can also lead to Doctrinal fads If it includes rejection and / or Contempt of private property This is based on the seventh and tenth commandments. Economically, it will turn us all into beggars – and the socialist utopia has amply demonstrated this. “

In a previous article, Tedeschi explained how reading the Papal Letter of Pope Francis reminded him of the fictional world that Saint Thomas More envisioned, “where private property has been abolished, citizens have neither goods nor money, everything in common and the idea of ​​commerce is outdated.”

“All religions are welcome on the island, but the most widespread worship is nature,” and “the deity compatible with nature is Mithra, dear to the Gnostics,” Tedeschi noted.

Tedeschi noted that “Pope Francis only mentions Saint Francis in his public message, but celebrates Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King – and thus focuses on changing structures rather than personal transformation.”

Professor Giulio Loredo criticizes All brothers

The dangers of environmental theology

Other speakers at the Poveri Tutti conference alerted Catholics to the dangers of Pope Francis’ environmental theology.

Ricardo Cassioli, Editor-in-Chief New Daily CompassFrancis was criticized for impersonating the ecological hegemonic of environmental left.

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“This environment indicates an anthropological turning point in the fact that man envisions himself within a larger” living community “, and thus loses his ontological specificity, according to Cassioli.

He explained that even in the Catholic world, for a long time “environmental imbalances have been blamed on Jewish and Christian anthropocentrism, accusing them of justifying the plunder of Earth’s resources, which instead belong to all creatures,” he notes.

Cascioli explained:

In fact, this is a distorted view of Catholic thought. The recognition that man is the apex of creation, the only living being created in the image and likeness of God, means above all that the key to balance lies in the relationship between man and God. When this relationship is properly experienced, according to Christian revelation, the relationship with the rest of creation also becomes healthy.

Other speakers at the conference spoke of the economic fallacies promoted by the current Pope.

The only way for everyone to be equal is for everyone to be poor – everyone is poor, everyone is equal.

Professor Giulio Loredo, Director of TFP Milan, explained how communism was designed to induce complacency:

Out of the franchise a little bit LabelNo one is entitled to a greater luxury according to the systematic quantitative and qualitative increase in an individual’s commitment. This is due to the totalitarian principle of equality: no one can possess more than another, so as not to result in any kind of “alienation”. And the only way for everyone to be equal is for everyone to be poor – everyone is poor, everyone is equal.

This equality is the key to understanding Pope Francis’ latest message and, presumably, an international event. ”Francesco’s Economy“Starting tomorrow. Poverty is the means. The goal is equality.

This glorification of indolence is appropriate for socialism and communism, not Christian civilization and the social dogma of the Church.

Economist Stefano Fontana:
The “brotherhood” abuses Francis

Economist Stefano Fontana criticized All brothers For misusing the concept of “brotherhood”, arguing that its use as a vehicle for interfaith dialogue in the Abu Dhabi Declaration It resulted in a radical break from the Church’s social dogma.

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Pope “Al-Biruni”

Leading thinkers are increasingly critical of Pope Francis for his left-wing economic and political positions.

In a Monday interview, novelist Mario Vargas Llosa, winner of the 2010 Nobel Prize for Literature, criticized Pope Francis as “Peroni.”

“For many Latin Americans like me, he is a pope who loves the extreme left,” said Yusa. printing.

“A lot of us think this way. Today the Catholic Church no longer has the influence it had before, and I don’t think this Pope will have much influence. I think the experience of Pope Al-Biruni will be fleeting that after the church it will regain its true conservative tradition,” notes Lusa.

More than 500 people participated in the conference moderated by Federico Catani of Italy’s TFP, which warned of the idealistic vision of All brothers And “Francesco’s economy” led to dystopia. Kattani alerted the public to the “grand reset” engineered under the cover of the Wuhan virus pandemic.

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