Switzerland is the safest country against COVID-19, according to a study

Switzerland ranks first in the global ranking assessing countries’ response to the COVID-19 pandemic. SWI swissinfo.ch

Switzerland ranks first in the global ranking, which compares the response of 200 countries to the Coronavirus epidemic. This first place on the list is largely due to the current good epidemiological situation and the great ability of its economy to recover.

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In this way International rankingExternal link Created by the Deep Knowledge Group that assesses the level of safety against COVID-19, Switzerland has achieved first place thanks to its economic resilience and its prudent, “objective and scientific” approach to de-escalation.

Like Germany (second in the table), Switzerland is very close to the main European coronavirus outbreak, and at the start of the epidemic it saw a rapid spread of cases and deaths. Out of 8.5 million people, 30,934 people were infected and 1923 died from the Coronavirus, according to official sources.

However, the authors of the study note that Switzerland has succeeded in “rapidly and effectively implementing quarantine, surveillance and detection measures.” [de casos] Shutting down the economy. ”Likewise, the Alpine nation has avoided overburdening its health system.

The report says that the easing of containment measures and economic and social revitalization, which began on April 27, is “tangible evidence of success.”

Six standards and 500 data sources

The quality of monitoring and detection, the effectiveness of quarantine measures, the effectiveness of governments, the preparedness of the health system and its ability to respond to emergencies are the six factors that this study takes into account. The analysis includes a total of 130 qualitative and quantitative parameters.

The 250-page report is based on 500 data sources, including the World Health Organization (WHO), Johns Hopkins University, Worldometers, and the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The Deep Knowledge Group is a consortium of companies and non-profit organizations owned by Deep Knowledge Ventures, an investment firm established in Hong Kong in 2014. These classifications will continue to be updated. According to the report, the regions most at risk currently are sub-Saharan Africa and South America, as well as some countries in the Middle East and the Asia-Pacific region.

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Strong progress

in the last rating Published in mid-April, Israel and Germany ranked first and second, while Switzerland ranked 11. “In our previous assessment of safety and risk, the areas with a very high level of emergency preparedness and capacity for effective management crises scored the highest because they were more An ability to better manage the early stages of a pandemic.

Meanwhile, they took a close look at national de-escalation tactics and the ability to adapt to the economic consequences, areas in which Switzerland stands out in particular.

Government effectiveness [suizo] In managing the economic risk is considerably high. They helped companies and the most financially vulnerable citizens mitigate the effects of the economic crisis. As a result, the unemployment crisis in this region has been controlled more effectively than most of the other regions assessed in this report, ”said those responsible.

Other strengths are “secure access to quality health services for the community as a whole” and “significant capacity to mobilize new health resources”.

The main weakness

Although Switzerland ranks first in the overall ranking, the Alpine nation has still managed to make a lot of progress, according to the authors of this research. The study says: “The main weakness of the Swiss system is the determination to only test citizens with mild symptoms, while the most dangerous vectors do not show symptoms.”

For the authors, “It is imperative that Switzerland establish a coherent program of monitoring, detection and neutralization of new cases.” They add that “the decentralized nature of the Swiss health system [Suiza es un Estado federal y la sanidad es competencia de los cantones] It is a challenge to collect health data in an accessible, interpretable and transparent way. “

The document warns that the crisis is not over yet. “Switzerland has shown that it is a key player in the fight against COVID-19 and that its management model must be taken into account, but it is important that the process of reopening the Swiss economy is done with caution, and assessing the dynamics of the virus, otherwise all sacrifices and joint action of citizens, government and organizations will be in vain.” As the authors say.

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Editor’s note

Although this ranking provides useful insight into the global situation, it must also be viewed with justified skepticism. Some readers wrote to us after this article was published to comment that they found measures taken in other countries more effective. They cited examples from New Zealand, Taiwan and Japan.

It is true that different measures have been taken at different times. Each country has its own geographical, social and economic challenges that make comparisons difficult. For example, Switzerland is a landlocked country and Zurich is a major hub for air traffic. Moreover, the tests are performed and processed differently. In any case, we follow the situation (see this link) and keep you informed.

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